Monday, September 10, 2012

Surprise? Party!

We had another 'Surprise' Birthday Party for my Uncle Fred this year.  I use quotes cause I'm pretty sure we can get nothing by this man.  He is not surprised by much.  

9 Months ago he almost lost his arm and life in a horrific oil well accident so this birthday is EXTRA special for everyone.  

The Boys had a great time catching up.  Listening to the talk of two 6 year old boys is just too funny. There was lot's of talk about alligators, snakes, motorcycles and poop.  

I wonder if these guys were talking about the same thing??  

Lot's of people and....

....lot's of yummy food!

We had 3 cakes celebrating 3 different birthday's.  My little cousin Jacob thought these little tractors were meant to be driven across the cake.

Whenever our family gets together there is always a little music.  

Happy Birthday Uncle Fred!  Love ya!!

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