Friday, September 7, 2012

Bathroom....A Work in Progress

Great bathroom, huh?  This is our mint green bathroom.  Actually, I could work with mint doesn't bother me that much.  What bothers me is the fact you can't sit straight on the toilet cause it's SO close to the vanity cabinet.  And that the floor is completely rotted out.  

So, out this bathroom goes!!  

Bubby has been helping.  He loves anything to do with power tools...just like his Daddy.  

Safety first!

You know how many pieces you need to cut a bathtub into to remove it from the room?

Three!  Now I have 3 pieces of a bathtub in the back yard.  Nice!

 The room is completely gutted and now I'm we REALLY need 2 bathrooms?  This would make a GREAT craft room.  :)

Look at that great hardwood floor!!  I love it.  Unfortunately most of it has to be removed for water damage.  Oh well....NEXT house.   

I'll keep ya undated on the remodel.

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Rachel said...

Whew, that's a lot of work! Lol, I love your idea to turn it into a craft room :)