Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodbye Chickens

As you know we are moving.....and the chickens can't come with us.  We will be in town...a TINY town....but I think it's still considered a town.  We could probably have chickens where we are going but we would have to keep them confined and we really hate to do that.  

I listed them on Craigslist and a lovely family came by last night about dusk to pick them up.  I'm happy to see them go because I never felt we had a good living situation here for them.  They need trees, windbreaks, barns to hide in and a nice area to room.  They didn't have that here.  They will have that at their new home.

Sissy was a bit weepy last night thinking about them being gone but I think she will be fine.  It was very quiet around the house this morning.  We've only had them 3 years but I feel like we've always had chickens.  Maybe I will miss them....or maybe I will now have flowers and landscaping!!!

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