Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Party

Nothing says party like a Country Low Boil.  My friend Suzanne had her annual Summer Party and of course there was lot's of food!

I've got a lot going on right now and I was tired and cranky when I arrived but after a little food, drink and friends life was good.

Melissa, Me & Meagan.....we're kinda a big deal.  Just ask us!  
Thanks Suzanne for another GREAT party!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Want to NOT Sell Your Home?? Follow These Examples

As I said last week we are moving so, of course, we have been house hunting for a couple of months now.  We are not in the 'subdivision-row-house' price range so most of the homes we look at have a lot of 'character'.   I like character.  I don't mind character but for some reason I've seen way too much character this time around. 

My parents have been in real estate for 40+ years so I've seen a LOT of houses and heard a lot of horror stories over the years.  Most people really would be SHOCKED if they knew what some homes looked like inside.  I have to tell ya I'm still shocked at how some people think their home is 'show ready'.  I'm one of those people who can see past a lot of stuff.  I can see past the clutter and invision my decor, a wall gone, another room, or another type of flooring. Some people can't...and for those people you REALLY need to stage your home.  The following pics are all BIG NO-NO's:   

I actually gasped when I saw this photo.  Remodeling is expensive I know....but come on!!  Rip up that carpet and buy a gallon of paint for God's sake.  On the plus side that room is HUGE!  (is that Mike Brady in the corner???)  

I love a red kitchen.....but I'm not sure about this one.  One friend commented they are probably trying to cover up blood stains ;-) .

I'm wondering if a guy lives at this house??  I'm also wondering why I'm grossed out by the urinal but not by a toilet?  And why if men build most of the bathrooms in the world are there not urinals in ALL bathrooms??  Hmmmm...so many questions.

 This is a big Realtor NO-NO.  This bathroom doesn't have much to work with.  Push everything off into the trashcan and then HIDE the trashcan!  DON'T take a picture of a full bathroom trashcan.  NOBODY wants to see that!

This house was actually VERY pretty.  The whole home has been remodeled on the inside and out and looks wonderful....but why this bedroom picture?  Why the fan?  Yes, I know most of us like a fan to sleep with.  I get it.  But move the fan over...take the picture....move it back.  And what with the clamp on the fan??  So odd.

This bathroom is RETRO-FABULOUS!  As horrible as this may look to some I really am digging this room. It's HUGE.  It's from the 50's and it's PINK!  Yes, that is original blue carpet.  I actually wanted this home but for various reasons we didn't choose it.

I really should teach a class on realtor photography!  I get it...they are moving.  It's most likely an extra room and they have things stored in there.  But seriously!!  Push the stuff off the bed.   Take the picture.  Put it back.  Not that hard and would look SO much better because all I can see is they have Santa bound, gagged and stuffed in a plastic bag.

 Another horrible bathroom shot.  Good sized bathroom...but really dated.  So, they don't want to spend the money to update...I get it but they really need to get all that crap off the sink and hang up some pretty towels.  The toilet cleaner in the corner??  Really?  That's the best you could do??

Black tub.  Not a fan...but whatever.  I could look past it.  But the wet towels and washrags??  Come on!!!

These are all homes on the market right now.  All but 2 of these homes are over $100k.  The real estate market is bad right now in case you haven't noticed.  Prices are down.  The market is flooded with lot's of homes so why not try to put your best foot forward?

Disclaimer:  I don't want to insult you if this is your home but your Realtor is obviously doing you a great disservice by taking those horrible pictures.  She is not earning her commission.  Also, you are obviously not taking a lot of pride in your home and trying to present it in the best possible light.  Get off your butt and spend the weekend scraping wallpaper and painting.  Your bank account will thank you later.  I promise!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

High-Falutin' FlipFloppingMamma

What FlipFloppingMamma doesn't need a fabulous glass to drink out of??  

Thanks to my Fabulous friend Susan for a great gift.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love it When Friends Come to Visit!

Who doesn't love it when friends come to visit?  And when they come baring gifts it's even better!  (oops...don't think I've sent a thank you card yet!)  

My friend Liz came for a visit and brought the whole family...which is huge!!  I've known her about 6 years and I've only seen her husband...maybe 6 times.  The Farmer never stops working.  I felt honored he used his time off to visit me.  It was also the hottest day of the year so far...so maybe there was some correlation there.

The boys bonded over a little Dual Survival.

The girls stayed holed up in Sissy's room for most of the weekend.  We really didn't see much of them.

They just woke up!

 The Mamma's made beverages and ate kettle corn we bought at the Strawberry Festival in town.

We really only see each other once or twice a year and I love that even the kids pick right up where they left off.

Miss you dear friend!  Can't wait for the next visit.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Warrior Dash

A couple of weeks ago I did the craziest thing I think I've EVER done.  I signed up for and ran in a Warrior Dash.  The Warrior Dash is a 5k with 14 obstacles built into the course.  And mud...lot's of mud.  Mud to crawl through.  Mud to slide through and mud to dive into.  It was GREAT!

I am really not competitive.  Don't get me wrong I like to win...who doesn't?  But when it comes to races, games and sporting events I always take it with a grain of salt.  It's a game...we lost...whatever.  But for some reason I was drawn to this race.  I wanted to prove something to myself.  

That's me....4th from the right!

I workout at BodyFit and everyday I have the most amazing people surrounding me.  Very positive and supportive!  Without them I would have never had the nerve to try this event.  I seriously was talked into this and I am SO glad I did it!!  Peer pressure is a crazy thing!!  Sometimes it can even be a good thing. 

Shawnee, Me!, Kristen, Lisa  

We ran the 5k through the woods, field and creeks.  It didn't even feel like a 5k!!  At the 2.5 mile mark I was thinking 'really??  I have already run 2.5 miles?'  I don't like to run so this a big deal for me.  The obstacles were actually a lot of fun.  I was nervous thinking about climbing walls or ropes but once I got into it I discovered I could do it!  No problem!!  We ran and did all the obstacles as a group...no man left behind.  We could have done it a lot faster every man for themselves but we agreed to run as a group and it was a lot more fun.  

Duct tape to keep our shoes on.  Mine are yellow!

To be honest I think I have been training for this race my entire life.  I spent most of my childhood running the fields and creeks.  Who would have thought I would do it as an adult??

And you aren't going to believe this but I'm doing it again!  I signed up for the Big Dawg Dare race on Saturday.  There are no pictures of the event on the website and we haven't had rain since Easter so I'm praying for some mud...otherwise it's going to be a long, hot, dry race.  Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodbye Chickens

As you know we are moving.....and the chickens can't come with us.  We will be in town...a TINY town....but I think it's still considered a town.  We could probably have chickens where we are going but we would have to keep them confined and we really hate to do that.  

I listed them on Craigslist and a lovely family came by last night about dusk to pick them up.  I'm happy to see them go because I never felt we had a good living situation here for them.  They need trees, windbreaks, barns to hide in and a nice area to room.  They didn't have that here.  They will have that at their new home.

Sissy was a bit weepy last night thinking about them being gone but I think she will be fine.  It was very quiet around the house this morning.  We've only had them 3 years but I feel like we've always had chickens.  Maybe I will miss them....or maybe I will now have flowers and landscaping!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On The Way to a New House

See these pile of pictures?  They have been laying in a pile since we moved into this house because I couldn't figure out where I wanted them.  Yes...I know...It's been a year but I figured if I left them out where I could see them then I would figure out where I wanted to hang them.  

Well...now it doesn't matter.  We are moving again and I will hang them in a new house....maybe.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Swamp People on a HOT day

On a HOT day sometimes it's good to cuddle up and watch a little Swamp People.  

ALL the animals wanted to watch too apparently.

(yes, we have TWO giant stuffed alligators....doesn't everybody?)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Neighbors Came Over for Visit

All the neighbors goats came over to visit this afternoon.  If I had any grass I would be worried.  


Bubby:  Cereal is healthy isn't it?
Me:  No...not really (as he is eating corn flakes).
Bubby:  Your right...it causes cholesterol.