Monday, June 25, 2012

New Patio Set

This is my fabulous patio set.  I found a super deal (FREE!!) on them 13 years ago and they have been painted a million colors.  

This year I wanted to paint them a dark brown to match a lounge chair I received last year for Mother's Day.  

Using RustOleum Textured Brown spray paint I painted the set brown.

The Hunter thought I was CRAZY!  "You want to paint it BROWN??" He always says something like that when I get out the spraypaint.

I think it looks like a million bucks!


created by ~donnaK said...

LOVE the brown! One of my favorite colors, but not sure why. It's in nearly every room in my house. Hope the hunter was pleasantly surprised.

Rachel said...

Well I think it looks lovely. (And I have to admit that type of spray paint is addictive :)

Rachel said...

yep it looks awesome :)

How many cans of paint?