Sunday, April 29, 2012

Setting the Bar VERY HIGH for future birthdays

A friend of ours offered to give the kids a plane ride for their birthdays.  When he first mentioned it I was struck with total fear and already felt GREEN but I knew the kids would LOVE it so I agreed.

I didn't tell them what we were doing incase we were rained out.  I was kinda praying for rain to be honest.  I do not do well on planes (or cars, or boats, or farris wheels.  It's horrible I know.) We pulled up and the plane was already going and the kids had NO FEAR.  They jumped out of the car and ran to their plane seats.  The is the birthday boy.  6 years old today and having the time of his life.

The view was pretty amazing.  I had no idea so many of my neighbors had pools!  They have been holding out on me.  

Remember the opening scenes from Mr. Rogers?  Our little town square and gazebo reminded me of a tiny toy town.  Yes, I've been in a plane before but never one this low and never over the things I knew and recognized.  Usually when I am in a plane close to the ground it's near the airport and that's never pretty.

Our Million Dollar Courthouse looked so imposing and picturesque.

After only 30 minutes we had to turn back cause of the weather and I could not have been happier.  The kids were all smiles and giggles and Bubby wanted to do flips and go upside down.  Thank God our pilot did not agree to this.

I am afraid the bar has been set VERY HIGH for future birthdays?  I am not sure how we are going to be able to top this one.  Happy 6th Birthday Bubby!

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