Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Good Friday

It's Good Friday which in this area means NO SCHOOL! today.  It's almost 7am and I've been to Bootcamp this morning already and now I'm sitting her in silence.  I'm praying the kids sleep till at least 8am.  They really are not morning people and getting up for school is very hard on them.  I'm sitting her starving and I wish I could fix something to eat but the problem with small houses is everything and everybody is on top of each other.  No going to another area of the house cause the house is all ONE area.

On anther note it's very cool outside this morning.  We have had almost summertime temps lately.  It was raining yesterday and someone said 'April showers April flowers cause they all bloomed in March'.  Sunday was 90 degrees and we were at a cookout trying to keep cool under the shade trees.  We realized there was no shade because the trees have not fully leafed out yet.  Felt like June but it was only March!  

Not much paper crafting going on around here lately.  I have knitted a couple of things.  This super cute Bunny hat was for a photographer friend to use as a prop.  I see all kinds of things wrong with it so I'm in the process of making another.  

This little infant hat was for my friend Marti's new grandbaby.  I have TWO more baby gifts I need to get knitted.  I thought I was done with people have babies.  ha! to a Easter egg hunt.  Happy Good Friday!  


Shannon@Chickens in My Kitchen said...

Hope you guys have a great Easter!

Rachel said...

Hope you have a fabulous Easter! Do you have any special traditions?

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Goodness that bunny hat is precious!