Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggs

Been such a busy week around here.  Let me rephrase that...been a very busy month around here.  Not sure whether I'm coming or going.  If I had time I would post a detailed list on Facebook of all the things I've done during the day like some people do.  Instead I will take pictures of all I do and post it one day at a time on my blog!  SO much classier.  ;)  

We actually colored Easter Eggs this year.  In years past I've kinds 'forgotten' about it and distracted the children with plastic eggs filled with goodies until they forgot about Easter and moved on to their birthdays.  I'm a great mom...what can I say.

This year in an attempt to 'use what I have around the house' and
not put chemicals into our bodies' we used a combination of natural dyes and the store bought kind on the eggs.  As you can see we got some crazy looking eggs.  The natural dyes were not very dark so we layered it with the little tablets of coloring.  

I love my robins egg blue ceramic Farmer's Egg Crate.    I bought it at Anthropologie while I was in New Orleans in January.  I wanted the WHOLE set of Farmer's Market Basket's but I KNEW they would not fit in my suitcase.  They look like old fashioned strawberry containers.   If you would like to buy them for me feel free.

Happy Friday the 13!


Rachel said...

Those are super cute. I may need some of those too. :)

Rachel said...

Those Farmer's Market Baskets sure are cute. Think I need a set too!