Monday, April 30, 2012

More Birthday Fun!

Just when Bubby thought his birthday couldn't get ANY better we took him on a tour of a pig farm.  (He is not screaming in this picture he is just SO excited he can not control himself)  

Our neighbor was SO very gracious to take time out of his day to give my kids a tour and let them hold all the baby pigs they wanted.

It's a good thing we don't live closer or they would be in the pens with the babies every day.

Happiest 6 year old on the planet holding a VERY newborn baby pig.

I seriously do not know what we will do next year to top this.

We had no cake, no friends or family around this year but I really do think they will talk about this weekend the rest of their lives.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Setting the Bar VERY HIGH for future birthdays

A friend of ours offered to give the kids a plane ride for their birthdays.  When he first mentioned it I was struck with total fear and already felt GREEN but I knew the kids would LOVE it so I agreed.

I didn't tell them what we were doing incase we were rained out.  I was kinda praying for rain to be honest.  I do not do well on planes (or cars, or boats, or farris wheels.  It's horrible I know.) We pulled up and the plane was already going and the kids had NO FEAR.  They jumped out of the car and ran to their plane seats.  The is the birthday boy.  6 years old today and having the time of his life.

The view was pretty amazing.  I had no idea so many of my neighbors had pools!  They have been holding out on me.  

Remember the opening scenes from Mr. Rogers?  Our little town square and gazebo reminded me of a tiny toy town.  Yes, I've been in a plane before but never one this low and never over the things I knew and recognized.  Usually when I am in a plane close to the ground it's near the airport and that's never pretty.

Our Million Dollar Courthouse looked so imposing and picturesque.

After only 30 minutes we had to turn back cause of the weather and I could not have been happier.  The kids were all smiles and giggles and Bubby wanted to do flips and go upside down.  Thank God our pilot did not agree to this.

I am afraid the bar has been set VERY HIGH for future birthdays?  I am not sure how we are going to be able to top this one.  Happy 6th Birthday Bubby!

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Review of 3D

Spoiler Alert!!  If you don't want to know how the movie Titanic ends then don't read this post.  I do not want to be responsible for ruining the ending for you.


I really love the movie Titanic and went to see it in 3D last week with my friend Jennifer.  Yes, I have seen it a million times on tv and I have to admit I have now paid to see this movie 5 times.  Well....let's be honest...I didn't actually PAY the first 4 times because, at the time, my sister was working at a movie theater and let's just say she sometimes looked the other way when certain people walked in.  It's ok to tell this on her cause the movie theatre is no longer in business....hmmm....wonder why???

The first time I saw it I am not ashamed to say I bawled like a baby but this time I didn't shed a single tear.  I think we laughed and may have even made fun of a couple of scenes.  There was also someone opening up a jumbo-size bag of chips the ENTIRE movie so it made it hard to concentrate sometimes.  As far as 3D movies go this one was ok. I think a 3D movie needs to be shot the first time as a 3D movie but it was fun.  I liked being able to see a favorite movie on the big screen.

First time I saw this movie I was SO caught up in the love story and the dramatic sinking that I didn't pick up on just how selfish Rose was.  Jack was a VERY resourceful guy.  He could have totally figured out a way off that ship before it sunk but he had to stay and save Rose.  And let's be honest...what exactly was he saving her from?  A lifetime of beautiful dresses, fancy houses, cooks and chauffeurs??  Yeah yeah...I know....she needed more.  She needed love.  Whatever..... Titanic sinks (don't blame me for telling you the ending!  I told you not to read this post if you didn't now how it ended.)  and Jack saves Rose ONCE AGAIN and puts her on a door.  And let's be's a BIG door.

It's a big huge door built in 1912.  It's solid.  They didn't build things poorly in 1912.  It could have held 2 people.  They could have at least taken turns.  I think she was pretty selfish to lay on that door while he was in the water.  But I guess that is in Rose's character.....

I found this picture on Pinterest and it just proves there was room for 2!

waste so much time
At this point some will say that the weight of 2 people would have sunk the door.  But they could have at least taken turns and using their legs powered the door like a boat away from the crash site.  They could have made an effort instead of just waiting for American.

And on another thought.....what are Jack's last words to Rose before the ship goes under?  "Never let go Rose...never let go of me."  So, what does she do?  She lets go as he is sucked down with the ship.  Then when one of the lifeboats comes back for her what does she do?  She let's go of Jack AGAIN, jumps off the door and manages to swim to rescue. Seems VERY fishy to me.  How did she know he was REALLY dead?  He could have been in a hypothermia induced coma (that's my medical opinion).  I think there needs to be some kind of investigation.  She cheated on her fiancee.  Stole a necklace from him.  Her new 'fiancee' drowned and then she started all over again.  Very interesting....

waste so much time
I hope I haven't ruined the movie for you.  I hope you already knew the ship was going to sink.  And if that is not enough I will leave you with this picture....... was filmed in a swimming pool!

Disclaimer:  This review is entirely MY opinion.  No one asked me to make sarcastic remarks about this movie or the characters.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Baby Chicks

We have 6 new baby chicks again.  

They all hatched yesterday and their 'parents' couldn't be any more proud.

Let's pray this little buggers are all girls!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Personal PlayStation

Hanging out in their own personal fort.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggs

Been such a busy week around here.  Let me rephrase that...been a very busy month around here.  Not sure whether I'm coming or going.  If I had time I would post a detailed list on Facebook of all the things I've done during the day like some people do.  Instead I will take pictures of all I do and post it one day at a time on my blog!  SO much classier.  ;)  

We actually colored Easter Eggs this year.  In years past I've kinds 'forgotten' about it and distracted the children with plastic eggs filled with goodies until they forgot about Easter and moved on to their birthdays.  I'm a great mom...what can I say.

This year in an attempt to 'use what I have around the house' and
not put chemicals into our bodies' we used a combination of natural dyes and the store bought kind on the eggs.  As you can see we got some crazy looking eggs.  The natural dyes were not very dark so we layered it with the little tablets of coloring.  

I love my robins egg blue ceramic Farmer's Egg Crate.    I bought it at Anthropologie while I was in New Orleans in January.  I wanted the WHOLE set of Farmer's Market Basket's but I KNEW they would not fit in my suitcase.  They look like old fashioned strawberry containers.   If you would like to buy them for me feel free.

Happy Friday the 13!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love From Grubby Little Hands

Nothing says LOVE like a bouquet of chigger-weed brought to you by your little man.  This momma wouldn't have it any other way.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Sissy!

This is Daddy's 9 year old fishing buddy.  I can not be old enough to have a 9 year old can I??  She is her Daddy's girl....loves to go fishing!

Remember when she was this little bitty 2 year old?  She didn't want to use a little fishing pole she wanted a 'big one to catch BIG fish'.

Here Daddy....let me know show you how it works.

You catch the BIG fish like this.  

She NEVER sat still....unless she was fishing.  (Look!  Her feet don't even touch the ground she's so little!)

OMG!!!  It is SO HOT!!!!

She will still sit on the boat ALL day long fishing with here Daddy and loving every minute of it.

And her Daddy is loving every minute of it too.

Happy Birthday Sissy!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Manure Covered Men

When I started clicking pictures he started singing "I'm Sexy & I Know It!"

Look at my muscles mom!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Dinner

A couple of months ago we let a hen sit on 8 eggs.  

Out of the 8 eggs 5 baby chicks hatched.  

4 of the chicks have made it to adulthood.  

Sounds pretty good, huh?  Except 3 of the 4 are male.  

Which means we had a total of 4 (FOUR!) roosters on the property.  There is absolutely NO room around here for 4 roosters.  Let me introduce you to my boys.  

Meet Crockpot.  He's pretty isn't he?  Hate to see him go.  

Meet Stewpot.  

 And Frying Pan.  

Did you say Frying Pan?!?  

 Only need for 1 Rooster around here.  I'm sure the Hens thank me.

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Wreath

I needed an Easter wreath for the front of the house and I found this one on Pinterest.  I thought this looked pretty inexpensive and easy to do.   

I had an old grapevine wreath laying around and I found eggs on sale at Hobby Lobby.  After hot gluing 8 bags of eggs on the wreath I decided 2 things:  I need a new hot glue gun and more eggs.  But I just did not have time this week to drive the hour back to Hobby Lobby....I'll wait till next week when all eggs are 90% off.

From the road it looks I'm ok with it for now.

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Good Friday

It's Good Friday which in this area means NO SCHOOL! today.  It's almost 7am and I've been to Bootcamp this morning already and now I'm sitting her in silence.  I'm praying the kids sleep till at least 8am.  They really are not morning people and getting up for school is very hard on them.  I'm sitting her starving and I wish I could fix something to eat but the problem with small houses is everything and everybody is on top of each other.  No going to another area of the house cause the house is all ONE area.

On anther note it's very cool outside this morning.  We have had almost summertime temps lately.  It was raining yesterday and someone said 'April showers April flowers cause they all bloomed in March'.  Sunday was 90 degrees and we were at a cookout trying to keep cool under the shade trees.  We realized there was no shade because the trees have not fully leafed out yet.  Felt like June but it was only March!  

Not much paper crafting going on around here lately.  I have knitted a couple of things.  This super cute Bunny hat was for a photographer friend to use as a prop.  I see all kinds of things wrong with it so I'm in the process of making another.  

This little infant hat was for my friend Marti's new grandbaby.  I have TWO more baby gifts I need to get knitted.  I thought I was done with people have babies.  ha! to a Easter egg hunt.  Happy Good Friday!