Thursday, March 8, 2012

My LOVE of Downton Abbey

Call me dorky but I am obsessed with all things on Masterpiece Classic.  I like to DVR all the episodes of Masterpiece Classics and when the house is all quiet I sit and watch them in private.  It relaxes me.....and yes...when I hear the theme song I do get giddy.

I'm wondering if this love of Masterpiece Theatre comes from growing up with only 3 TV channels.  Sometimes all one HAD to watch was PBS.

These shows are my soap operas.  I like to think if they are speaking in a British accent then it's an educational experience.  Hey...totally makes sense to me.  

 Have you seen this show?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton Abbey and can't get enough.  This miniseries portrays life above and below the stairs in an extremely large home in England.  I don't know about you but I love seeing how the servants lived.....maybe I relate to them better. Ha!  

Right now I am reading this coffee table book The World of Downton Abbey.  If you love this miniseries then you need to get this book.  Pull color pictures and lots of behind the scenes information.  Did you know this is an actual home.  REAL people still live there.  I'm thinking this home is bigger than the town I grew up in.  

So....check your netflix, your library, the PBS listings, and set your DVR because this is a MUST SEE show.

(I don't know if you realized it but I wrote this whole post in a British accent.)  

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