Monday, March 12, 2012

More Oak Alley Plantation

I have to share more awesome pictures from inside and around Oak Alley Plantation.  

We were told there were very few items in the home from the original owners but everything was from the same time period.  I thought the rooms were actually very homey feeling....not like a museum at all.  Our tour guide was wonderful....but, unfortunately, I can't remember her name.  I loved listening to her southern accent!  It was like she was telling us a story.... not giving us a history lecture.

This is the downstairs hallway of the home.  The staircase and the hardwood floors are not original to the home.  Apparently the floors were marble at one time and one of the owners let his kids race horses through the house.  Can you even imagine??!

The large dining room off the main hallway was very spacious but the dining table was made for children!  I swear these people must have been four foot tall cause the chairs were tiny and the table not that far off the floor.  The fan in the center of the table is original to the home.

This is the only room in the home that was not decorated in 19th century style.  It's very 1950's looking because it was left exactly as the last owner, Mrs. Stewart, had decorated it.  After her husband passed away she could not stand to sleep in the master bedroom anymore so she moved into one of the children's rooms until she herself passed away.  How sweet is that?

This is the view from the second story balcony to what had once been the has since been turned into a garage.  The slaves would carry the covered food from the kitchen house to the main house.  I have read they had to whistle the whole time they were carrying the food to insure they did not taste anything.

Someday I hope to visit this area again and tour EVERY plantation home along the river.  I am going to be one of those old ladies on bus tours lunching on chicken salad and touring flower gardens.  I can't wait!  Want to join me??

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures! :)

Shannon@Chickens in My Kitchen said...

I read this awhile back but totally just realized that you linked this to my blog. I am working on supppppperrrrrr slow these days.