Monday, March 19, 2012

Impromptu Zoo Visit

We woke up last Sunday and I said, "Let's go to the zoo today!"  Then The Hunter actually agreed with me....which he never does.  Usually he will tell me we don't have the time or money.  So, I ran to get ready before he changed his mind.  

We jumped in the car with no food or water...which never happens either and took off.  If there is ONE thing I have together it's my organization of food and water.  

It was a little on the cool side but with our coats and hats we were just fine.

We decided that it's a lot nicer to go to the zoo when it's 45 degrees out instead of 95.

I think the animals like it a lot better too.  They were out running around and playing.  Usually when we go it's July and they are laying under a rock giving us the stink-eye.  

 Flowers are starting to bloom here...since we really didn't have a winter and March is feeling more like May.

There were very few people at the zoo so we were able to check out EVERYTHING without having to stand in line.

I really do not think I have ever seen this bear moving.  We have often joked that he might just be a rug laid over a rock.  But not he was out moving around feeling frisky in the 40 degree weather.

The St. Louis Zoo has an awesome penguin exhibit.  It's ever MORE awesome when it's 100 outside cause it's always 32 degrees in their indoor world.  We always linger and enjoy the penguins a LOT...but not today.  Today it was colder in THEIR world than ours.  That was a first.

We ended up spending about $40 total for the day...not including gas so it was a GOOD day.

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Mellodee said...

I love going to the zoo, but I never considered going when its cold rather than hot. Of course, it makes perfect sense that the animals are more active! I may have to bundle up and brave the chill the next time I have a hankering to "talk with the animals"!! :)