Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day at the Fort

Last month we visited my sister who works at a cool is that??  It was VERY cool....literally.  Hard to believe it was COLD only a couple of week ago.   Last fall we were there for the Encampment  with 10,000 other people.  This time we had the place to ourselves and our own personal tour.   

We took a small river cruise.  Good thing they brought that guy along to paddle for them....doesn't look like anyone else is going to paddle.

 After the cruise we had dinner at a local cabin.

Then my sister brought out the big guns....animal skins.  My kids think this is the coolest.  Bubby thinks about what kind of trap he can build when he gets home and Sissy wonders how she can decorate her room in wolf skins.

Skunk!!!  His favorite!!!

 Then he pretended to be sprayed.

Nothing says fun like a skunk spraying.


created by ~donnaK said...

What a fun adventure. That skunk spraying pic is my FAV!

Sis said...

when I read the river cruise part I thought..."what cruise? I didn't get to go on a cruise!!!" hahaha