Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prettiest Halloween Wreath EVER!

I know it's November 1st but I don't want to take my new Halloween wreath.  Isn't it GORGEOUS!!?

My friend Meagan made one for herself and posted about it on Facebook.  I commented on how I thought it would ship to my house really well.  It's light and it wouldn't matter if it was a little squished because I could always fluff it up a little.  Well, to my surprise the next week I got a HUGE box in the mail and there it was!  LOVE IT!!!!

I'm thinking if my neighbors can still have Christmas lights up from LAST year I can leave my Halloween wreath up a little longer.

Thanks Meagan.....LOVE IT!!!  You're the BEST!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Classroom Halloween Treats

 I was in charge of drinks for the 4th grade Halloween party this year.  Using the Cricut I made little jack-o-lantern faces for the water bottles and tied packets of orange drink mix to the top.  Apparently the drink mix fizzed when it hit the water and they were a big hit.

The teachers needed a little something for their tired feet.  Found this super cute printable here.   I attached it to a little tube of lotion and instant gift! 

My little vampire and skeleton are primed and ready to hit the streets!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Marlow Pumpkin Patch Fun

Who doesn't love a good pumpkin patch in the fall?!  The kids had so much fun picking out their pumpkins at Marlow Pumpkin Patch.

my photographer friends will love seeing my shadow in this pict!

They decorated pumpkins.

Spooky hayride.

How creepy is this??

This is very Lost-like....and creepy for some reason.

I knew it!!!  I told you their were aliens in the cornfields!!

Lot's of animals to pet and feed.

The kids had a really great time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Waiting for fire

Wanna keep 2 kids busy for hours??

Give them a magnifying glass and the sun.  They will lay perfectly still for hours waiting for fire.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeping Calm...with the a little help from my friends

Sometimes people really are amazing!   I have a friend in North Carolina named Donna who I have never met.  We met through my friend Dawn...whom I've never met either.  They are both creative and wonderful and I found them through their own blogs and we have become friends.  

One day...after a particularly hard week I open the mailbox to find this stamp.  Donna could tell from my Facebook posts that I was having a hard time and needed to just Keep Calm and Carry On. 

When I need creative inspiration I always check out their blogs and you should too!

Thanks Donna!  You're the best!  One of these days I'll get organized and send you something.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Antique Power Days

I love a good flea market!

If it's old, rusty and Grandma threw it out then I probably love it!

Last month we went to the Antique Power Days to support my uncles who were Pulling.  

Not everybody drives a tractor.....

and not everybody drives a red tractor....

This is my little cousin and nothing but tractors makes him happy.  He's happy in this picture I swear.

 His older brother was being fed funnel cake and HATED it!!  I mean he could not wait to spit it out.  Who hates funnel cake?!

This is not my uncle and this does NOT look safe!

This is my Uncle Fred.....half of the best pulling team around.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lake of the Ozarks Weekend

While organizing photos I realized I never told you about our family trip to Lake of the Ozarks.  We spent the Labor Day weekend with my husband's family in a house on the lake.  

It rained most of the weekend and one afternoon we decided to take all the kids to a local attraction called Bridal Cave.  


Over 2,000 couples have come from around the world to be married in front of this formation.  It's's a cool formation but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be married in front of it.  Such a strange tradition. 

Since it was 100 degrees above ground I really didn't pack for 52 degree cave weather.  My poor children are wearing shirts I had bought the day before at the outlet mall.

When we came above ground the rain had stopped and the sun was shining!

The sun was shining....which meant time for swimming!

Poor Bubby still had his cast on and couldn't swim.  He sat on the dock and fished all weekend....really he couldn't have been happier.

And waved to passing boats.

My whole life I've heard about people going to Lake of Ozarks for vacation and I've always thought of it as this GRAND place....boy was I surprised.   Here is our luxury sweet.  Twin beds.....twin beds where my feet hung off the end and it smelled vaguely of someone else.  It was like staying in a frat house.....I tried not to think about it.

The view was beautiful!  No reason to spend any time inside.  

This classy place was on the way out of town.  Home decor AND live bait.  What else could you want??

Monday, October 8, 2012

Indian Corn Wreath

Happy Fall!  It finally feels like fall around here this week.  Cool, crisp and the leaves are just starting to turn.  

My sister-in-law, Kim, gave me a bunch of beautiful Indian Corn last month and I couldn't wait to make a wreath out of it.  I've seen a couple different ones on Pinterest and I thought this one looked the easiest.  

I had a wire wreath frame that had been a diaper wreath when my daughter was born...9 years ago. Yes, I've been carrying it around for 9 years.  Couldn't bare to get rid of it.  I finally ripped it apart and using the green florist wire I wired the Indian Corn to the frame.

When it was first made all the shucks stuck out perfectly and it looked a little sparse but after the rain hit it once I think it looks a little fuller.  The corn seemed to swell up a bit and the shucks are all messy and I kinda like that.  Hopefully we'll have our own Indian Corn next year because The Hunter can't wait to take it apart and plant them.

Thanks Kim!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peaceful September 11th

Here is to everything peaceful and simple on this September 11th.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Surprise? Party!

We had another 'Surprise' Birthday Party for my Uncle Fred this year.  I use quotes cause I'm pretty sure we can get nothing by this man.  He is not surprised by much.  

9 Months ago he almost lost his arm and life in a horrific oil well accident so this birthday is EXTRA special for everyone.  

The Boys had a great time catching up.  Listening to the talk of two 6 year old boys is just too funny. There was lot's of talk about alligators, snakes, motorcycles and poop.  

I wonder if these guys were talking about the same thing??  

Lot's of people and....

....lot's of yummy food!

We had 3 cakes celebrating 3 different birthday's.  My little cousin Jacob thought these little tractors were meant to be driven across the cake.

Whenever our family gets together there is always a little music.  

Happy Birthday Uncle Fred!  Love ya!!