Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hunting & Fishing Days

Every year a local farm hosts a free Hunting & Fishing Days sponsored by Winchester.  It's really a great little event for the family .....but only if you are into hunting and fishing of course.  

The kids & The Hunter can't get enough of it!  I just go along to make sure The Hunter doesn't buy another gun.  

Both the kids did really well at the archery.  They both hit about half the targets.  Apparently it helps to stick your tongue out when shooting a bow.

Sissy LOVES to cast. She would stand there and cast all day long if you let her.  I prefer for her to come home with dinner...but that doesn't always happen.

The kids came home inspired to create a campfire out of a soup can and roast marshmallows.

Perfectly 'normal' fun at our household.  ha!

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Mellodee said...

I have never been much of an outdoorsy type. I was always hopeless at every sport I ever tried....except Archery! The photos of your son brought back memories. It's not so much that I was really good at it, it was just that I could actually hit the target occassionally! Something that never happened in any other sport!