Monday, October 17, 2011

Eggies...Love/Hate Relationship

Yes, I bought I didn't buy them off a infomercial.  But I did get them in the 'As Seen on TV' section of the store.

We have a lot of eggs and we eat a lot of hardboiled eggs around here.  The problem with making  hardboiled eggs around here is we have fresh eggs and fresh eggs DO NOT peel very well.  

So, all summer we have been seeing the infomercial for Eggies and they of course made it look SO easy.  The kids would flip out every time they saw the commercial demanding that I buy them.  

I finally broke down and purchased the box of 6 Eggies at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I figured if they didn't work I could always return them.  I haven't returned them but to be honest I do have mixed feelings about them.  

First of all... there are about a million 26 pieces and you have to assemble all 6 of the Eggies and take them apart to clean them every time you use it.   That is a pain.  

You also have to spread cooking spray, such as Pam, on all parts the egg will be touching.  They don't tell you that on tv.

After you crack your egg into the Eggie you then drop them into a pot of boiling water.

So, basically your egg is boiling inside a little plastic egg.  Easy Peasy.  But....most of my Eggies seem to leak.

The egg spills out into the boiling water.  I've used the Eggies 3 times now and 2 or 3 of them always leak.  Which, I guess, is about the same as boiling an egg in the shell.  A couple will always crack in the boiling water.

If you properly use the cooking spray on the inside of the Eggies then your egg will slide right out all in one piece.  No, they don't look a perfect hardboiled egg.......

but there was no work in getting them out of the Eggies in the end.  There is a great deal of work at the beginning so I guess it evens out.  I hate peeling hard boiled eggs and usually end up throwing half an egg away because the shell will not easily peel off.  My eggs usually end up looking like this and then I will sometimes just through it away....cause God knows I have another 6 dozen in the fridge. I recommend Eggies?  I don't know to be honest with you.  I'm going to try them a couple more times and we'll see.

Disclaimer:  Eggies did not pay me to use their product.  I wish they would have cause I'm out $10 and I'm not sure I like the product.  I'm not bashing their product I'm just not sure I like it yet.  Just being honest.


Mellodee said...

My motto with all kinds of gadget-y things is...."If it looks too good to be true it probably is!"

I am a skeptic of the first order. After your experience, I'll pass on this one.

Michelle said...

I've wondered about those --and why anyone would want them. But, like you said, fresh eggs don't peel well. For that, I guess it could make more sense. I just wait until we've got some older eggs to use.

Thanks for sharing your opinions. Now I'm convinced I'm better off with the mutilated eggs that don't peel quite right.

Denise said...

I'm laughing... we saw these advertised in some weird junk product catalog and we were fascinated by them.

Flash forward a couple of weeks later and TW noticed them on the shelf at Walgreens. I told her to throw it in the cart because I wanted to try them (and I had a register reward to burn anyway, so they'd be free...)

We have not yet tried them but when I opened the box to wash them for the first time, I was appalled by all of the pieces. We'll lose parts after the first time we use them (if we haven't already lost some...)