Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fort Massac Encampment

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids a reenactment at Fort. Massac.  You couldn't have asked for a better fall day.  If you can ever be in Southern Illinois in October this is really a great family even.  The Encampment attracts over 100,000 visiters in just one weekend!  

I love that everyone is dressed in their uniforms going about doing normal everyday eating buffalo chili.  

Bubby got a lesson in guns from one of the Lewis & Clark expedition. 

Sissy got a lesson is jump rope making.

The 'wild' Indians walking around can be very unnerving but they love to pose for pictures.

The kids trying out their new headgear.  Sissy is trying to look mean and serious.

I love that this Mountain mamma is carrying her baby in a sling.  Good to know some parenting skills never change.

  This nice Indian stopped to talk and get pictures with us.

He was very accommodating.....

He asked Sissy and this other little girl, who also dressed for the occasion,  to hold his club and then he pulled out his knife.  Sissy had no idea till she saw the picture.  How crazy am I?  Take a knife to my kid...GREAT idea! Let me get my camera!  ha!

Everyone was all dressed as Mountain Men, Soldiers or Indians....except for this guy.  He wore his Steampunk outfit.  I don't get the Steampunk thing.....  The other people dressed as Reenactors I get.  There used to be Mountain Men, Soldiers and Indians walking around.  Guys walking around with goggles on their head just seem strange to me.  I think Steampunk people are trying WAY too hard.

At the end of the day there was a large battle.  My camera battery died at this point so I didn't get a lot of pictures.  I think these reenactments are a lot of fun.  It's like a movie come to life right before my eyes.  I was waiting for Daniel Day-Lewis to come running through the woods to save us.  I'm still waiting...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Sweat It!

This is for you..... You pretended the snooze button didn’t exist. 

You dragged your butt out of bed while others slept. While others ate their pancakes you had a feast of protein, glucose and electrolytes. 

You double-knotted. You left the porch light on and locked the door behind you. 

You ran. 5ks, 10ks, 26.2 miles. Some days more, some days less. 

You did pushups.  One or more than one.  Doesn't did pushups.  

You rewarded a long run with a short run. And a short run with a long run. 

You cramped. You bonked. You paid no mind to comfort. On weekends. On holidays.

 You made excuses to keep going. Questioned yourself. Played mind games. Put your heart before your knees. Listened to your breathing. 

Sweat sunscreen into your eyes. Worked on your farmers tan. You hit the wall. You went through it.

You decided to be a man about it. 

Forget that!!  You decided to be a woman about it. Finished what you started. 

Proved what you were made of.  You did it!!  Now get up and do it AGAIN!   

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hunting & Fishing Days

Every year a local farm hosts a free Hunting & Fishing Days sponsored by Winchester.  It's really a great little event for the family .....but only if you are into hunting and fishing of course.  

The kids & The Hunter can't get enough of it!  I just go along to make sure The Hunter doesn't buy another gun.  

Both the kids did really well at the archery.  They both hit about half the targets.  Apparently it helps to stick your tongue out when shooting a bow.

Sissy LOVES to cast. She would stand there and cast all day long if you let her.  I prefer for her to come home with dinner...but that doesn't always happen.

The kids came home inspired to create a campfire out of a soup can and roast marshmallows.

Perfectly 'normal' fun at our household.  ha!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally.....Fall Party

When someone asks me my favorite season I really have to say the season I am in at that moment.  I do like summer.  I like fall.  I like winter and spring.  I like them all for many different reasons.  But this summer I had a really hard time with.  It's been a REALLY long and HOT summer this year.  Weeks and weeks of high 90's and 100 degree temps can really take it out of a body.  

I was REALLY looking forward to fall this year and now it's here!  Woohoo!!  All this coolness and damp feels like a tall drink of water for my skin.  All summer while my friend Susan and I were laying by the pool we were thinking of THIS party....A Fall Party!

A Fall Party where we could make all the yummy foods we have been seeing on Pinterest all summer.  Yummy goodies like Scarecrow Crunch.  

Pumpkin Cookies.

Pumpin Bars...Yummy!!

What party isn't complete without a S'more Stand.

It was a total carb-fest and it was GREAT!

There was a tiny bit of protein...hotdogs over the fire.  *wink

A small neighborhood 'hay-ride'.

And of course....S'MORES!!

It was a chilly night with a warm fire and good friends.  It's been a long time since I've been to a party where everyone...adults and children got along.  That really does sound bad doesn't it?  I need to get out more.  I think we had 7 children playing together perfectly till 11pm when we had to drag them all home.  

I learned my friends don't think I can mix drinks well but I can drive a Gator in the dark around the neighborhood at midnight....or maybe it was only 8pm.  I don't know....seemed like midnight.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barbella Card

I love this little Barbella stamp.  

This is the perfect card for someone who has just 
  • completed 100 pushups for the first time
  • a perfect Plank for the first time
  • ran a mile for the first time
  • run a 5k for the first time
  • made a commitment to their health for the first time in their life.  

Be Better Than Yesterday.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Eggies...Love/Hate Relationship

Yes, I bought I didn't buy them off a infomercial.  But I did get them in the 'As Seen on TV' section of the store.

We have a lot of eggs and we eat a lot of hardboiled eggs around here.  The problem with making  hardboiled eggs around here is we have fresh eggs and fresh eggs DO NOT peel very well.  

So, all summer we have been seeing the infomercial for Eggies and they of course made it look SO easy.  The kids would flip out every time they saw the commercial demanding that I buy them.  

I finally broke down and purchased the box of 6 Eggies at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I figured if they didn't work I could always return them.  I haven't returned them but to be honest I do have mixed feelings about them.  

First of all... there are about a million 26 pieces and you have to assemble all 6 of the Eggies and take them apart to clean them every time you use it.   That is a pain.  

You also have to spread cooking spray, such as Pam, on all parts the egg will be touching.  They don't tell you that on tv.

After you crack your egg into the Eggie you then drop them into a pot of boiling water.

So, basically your egg is boiling inside a little plastic egg.  Easy Peasy.  But....most of my Eggies seem to leak.

The egg spills out into the boiling water.  I've used the Eggies 3 times now and 2 or 3 of them always leak.  Which, I guess, is about the same as boiling an egg in the shell.  A couple will always crack in the boiling water.

If you properly use the cooking spray on the inside of the Eggies then your egg will slide right out all in one piece.  No, they don't look a perfect hardboiled egg.......

but there was no work in getting them out of the Eggies in the end.  There is a great deal of work at the beginning so I guess it evens out.  I hate peeling hard boiled eggs and usually end up throwing half an egg away because the shell will not easily peel off.  My eggs usually end up looking like this and then I will sometimes just through it away....cause God knows I have another 6 dozen in the fridge. I recommend Eggies?  I don't know to be honest with you.  I'm going to try them a couple more times and we'll see.

Disclaimer:  Eggies did not pay me to use their product.  I wish they would have cause I'm out $10 and I'm not sure I like the product.  I'm not bashing their product I'm just not sure I like it yet.  Just being honest.

Monday, October 3, 2011

One Lonely Tomato

It's October 3rd and this is the ONLY tomato our garden has produced.  I have NO salsa!!

We have 20 plants and they are full....full of GREEN tomatoes.  I keep going out and talking to them telling them they need to be red but they don't seem to really care.  

I am going to have to buy salsa....this is not good!!