Friday, August 19, 2011

The Twinery Anniversary Giveaway!! --Help Me Out!!

This is my new love....Baker's Twine.  And this is the entire Ultimate Collection from The Twinery.

The Twinery
I know it's just string but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.  I only have the small sampler pack right now and I  totally hoard it.  If you get a card or craft from me made with baker's twine then you are something special. dear me out!  Check out The Twinery Blog and enter to win the Ultimate Collection of Baker's Twine for me.  I would be forever in your debt.  I might even give you some...maybe.

(I just called a friend to tell her to enter and instead of saying Baker's Twine I said Baker's Wine.  She said she would be more inclined to enter if it was for a case of wine. HA!)  


Rachel said...

What do you do with the twine?

meagan said...

Oh No!!! I just went to do this for you and I MISSED IT!!!! :( I'm so sorry! If it would have been wine I would have been ALL over it! :/