Friday, August 12, 2011

My New Addiction

I have a confession....a new addiction.  This is a no calorie, low budget addiction.  I can sit for hours (HOURS!) with my new addiction and the whole time I'm learning and expanding.  I'm finding new ideas, new recipes, and old loves.  Guessed it yet?  It's Pinterest!

Here is how it works.  You know when you are looking across blogland and you find a picture of something you like and you want to save it for the future?  So you save it to your hard drive and then later you look at it and wonder what website did it came from?  All you have is the picture.  Well, Pinterest has solved that problem!  Pinterest lets you create Boards to organize and share all your favorite ideas.  The picture is then saved to your Board of your choice with a link back to the original website.

After opening an account you will start to get Followers and you can choose to Follow others.  It's so much to see what everyone is looking at.  Every time you refresh the Pinterest homepage it's like opening a new magazine with all kinds of wonderful things to look at.  

Here is a sampling from my 10 Boards.

Products I Love

Pics of fun things I would love to have or I had at one time.  I'm on the look out for cheap (free) wire baskets or milk crates now.


Favorite Places & Spaces:

I want to go here and live.  This is the prettiest little place EVER!  
Rustic Cabin Vacations

Books Worth Reading:

I just finished reading Ashley Judd's memoir and it was so moving!  This woman is amazing!  She travels to the worst of the worst places in the world to educate and care for woman who have seen nothing but desease, war, famine, rape & death.  Very hard to read in some areas but so worth it.  

MS Magazine

My Style Board:

The board is for all the fun things I would love to wear.  Someone is always putting together these fabulous outfits that I would love to purchase and wear.  I found this wonderful necklace that I think would be perfect for me.  Somebody buy it for me please!!


My NEXT House:

We have a saying in our family when something in the house isn't just right:  "My NEXT house will have that."  My mom has been saying it forever and she has been in her house for 25 years.  So, this board is dedicated to all the places I want to live NEXT time.

Southern Living

This board is obviously dedicated to pictures of all the cards I want to make in the future or have made already.  This has been a GREAT way to organize all my card ideas.  I used to bookmark the site (and then forget the name) or copy and past the picture to my harddrive but then didn't know who made the card.  This flipflop card is just the cutest EVER!

True Gift's From the Heart

Words I Love:

This is a Board for all the funny signs and sayings I keep finding.  Someone out there is just too darn witty!


A Board for all the yummy things I'm going to make someday.  I did dedicate a whole week awhile back to all Pinterest recipes.  

Basil Popcorn

People I Love:  

A Board dedicated too all those wonderful people out there who I think are great...real or fictional.  I love the movie Rear Window.  Ever seen it?   No?  Pick a dark evening and watch it.  It's wonderful!!

Want to Make:

The Board where I put all the ideas of all the things I want to make but I don't have time cause I'm too busy Pinning.  I'm a sucker for a window with vinyl.  Loving the vinyl signs right now.  


So...I'm sure the one think you HAVE to know do you get started with Pinterest?  You have to go here and request an invite.  Why you have to be invited I don't know.  But it's a lot easier if you just send me your email and I'll invite you.  It's quicker that way for some reason.  Then you put a little 'Pin It' button on your toolbar, go to the Pinterest home page and start browsing.  Three hours later you can email me and thank me.  


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