Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a Good Day!

It's been a week since my last post and I apologize.  The harddrive on my laptop died last Sunday night.  Yes....actually died which meant I HAD to make an appointment with Apple for Monday morning and drive my poor, sad laptop to St. Louis to be repaired.  This time they couldn't make the repairs in a couple of hours so I had to leave it with them.  Now the upside to all this is I got to see my good friend Meagan AND go shopping (in St. Louis!!) TWICE in the same week.  Made up for the fact that I had no computer all week.

Yesterday after a day of HomeGoods and Mexican food with Meagan I was able to pick up my laptop (and start Pinning away!)  Today has been a good day. I got in a FABULOUS work-out this morning at the gym.  It's been a hard week around here cause it was the kids first week back to school and I have to admit...this morning's work-out really kicked my butt.  Took me a bit to recover.  About 1pm I decided I needed a coke but I really did not need to make the 12 mile round trip to get one.  It was a silly idea really.... (now I realize I shouldn't be drinking the Coke and if I would just stop then I wouldn't have to go to the gym so much but that's not going to happen.) soon as I had this conversation in my head (yes in my head...I do that a lot) the phone rang and 2 different people who owed me money called to tell me I could come and pick it up.  Then within minutes the library called and told me the book I was wanting was in.  It was a sign!!  I should go to town!

I get to the library and all the new magazines are in!  Woohoo!!

So, I will now drink my Coke and read my new magazines in peace....for a few more minutes.'s been a good day.


Rachel said...

Ha ha, you're hilarious :) Glad you got to have fun in St. Louis!

Jennifer said...

Have your Coke and enjoy it. It is the very least you deserve!