Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farmer Instead of Hunter

Lately the hubby has been more farmer than Hunter.  Our garden is doing really well considering this is the first year in this location.  We have had a number of zucchini, cucumbers, and peppers so far.  The lettuce was ok for a couple of days and then gone.  The tomatoes are coming along nicely but the carrots and onions have not fared so well.  Hopefully I will be able to trade someone for those.  

We were able to get some local manure for the garden and I know it will help us a lot next year but OMG! has it smelled.  I thank God we are not goat farmers cause it was rank around here for awhile.

We are lucky to have a lot of veggies from the garden and from friend's gardens because if we had to depend on ours for everything we would probably be in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Young men like this are the backbone of our country. Hooray! for all farmer boys and hunters too.

Anonymous said...

Ben can always use help on the farm. Tell Jeremy to stop by anytime.