Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lincoln's New Salem Villiage

We have decided instead of taking a large trip this year to take a couple of day trips and maybe a camping trip this summer.  There are so many fun places to see within a couple hours drive and it's crazy that we don't take advantage of it more.  

A couple of weeks ago we visited Lincoln's New Salem Village near Springfield, IL.   

Such a picturesque little community.  Exactly what we want someday....but with a Target close by of course.

They were having their summer festival and it was a lot of fun to walk among the reenactors.   

The Temperance Society was selling lemonade and water to quince your thirst.

We were able to show the kids where Abe Lincoln once walked and slept and how people lived at that time.

 The kids had a lot of fun spinning yarn, making soap and eating kettle corn.

The kids wanted to look the part.

We had a really relaxing day.  The weather was cool(er), the kids enjoyed themselves.  The Hunter loved looking at all the garden plots and I just loved it that everyone was getting along and I got to get out of the house.

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Rachel said...

Did they have any chicken monsters wearing red cloaks skulking around? If you didn't see any I bet it was because the giant chicken monster was right behind you the whole time :)