Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cave-in-Rock in the 100 Degree Heat

Nothing says family togetherness like everyone piling into the car when it's 100 degrees and visiting local landmarks.   We had been talking about taking the kids to Cave-in-Rock in Southern Illinois for awhile and decided it wasn't going to get any cooler anytime soon so we might as well go.  

I have really always thought this was just the coolest place.  Cave-in-Rock is carved into the side of a rock hillside right on the Ohio river between Illinois and Kentucky and has been mentioned in travel diaries since the early 1700's.  That's what I think is so cool.  The history of this place is amazing!  People have been using this place for shelter and to do good and bad for hundreds of years and I get to stand right where they stood.

Since I was little I've always looked at the top of the cave and seen J & BC Cole's name written with smoke or paint.  I couldn't even imagine how high the water had to be for him to write his name up there.  This past spring the Ohio again completely filled the cave and many others wrote their name all over the top of the cave.  It made me sad but then I thought when is writing on cave walls considered history and when is it graffiti?   

The kids had a really good time running all over the cave.  I just liked that it was 20 degrees cooler in the cave.  And now.....prepared to be amazed....I'm actually posting a picture of myself on this blog.  This is a first!  Be amazed!

And now...on to more HOT summer fun!  


Jennifer said...

Love the picture of you and your mini. So cute!

Rachel said...

What a great idea to visit stuff around your place. Looks like fun!

Meagan said...

Fantastic! I think our girls will really love it in a couple more years. I'm not really up for carrying Hannah in this heat :/