Monday, June 20, 2011

Personal Skillet Cookie

Ever heard of a Skillet Cookie?  Me either.  My friend Lisa insists they are the BEST dessert EVER created.  

Basically you take a WHOLE batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and fill a 12-inch iron skillet.  (Any cookie recipe will do I'm sure.)  After baked to a golden brown you dump an ENTIRE carton of ice cream on top and eat in one setting.  

My friend has had a total lifestyle change in the past couple of years and would only DREAM of eating a entire skillet cookie....but she still talks about them ALL.THE.TIME.  So, I decided this issue needed remedied   I found a 2-inch iron skillet and filled it with dough for one small cookie.  I baked it and then sent her a picture.  She thought it was a HUGE 12-inch dessert and wanted to kill me for tempting her.  I them presented her with her very own Skillet Cookie for ONE.

 The ice cream was even personal size!  I'm sure all the calories were still horrible for her but I feel confident she was able to work them off in a very short time.

I think all things are good in moderation.  We just won't talk about all the mini Skillet Cookies I had to test to make sure they were good enough for her.

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Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's so sweet and I think it's hilarious you found a mini skillet for her!