Saturday, June 4, 2011

lil' Sarah

This past weekend we attended a retirement party for my Uncle Mike.  After all these years he is FINALLY retiring.  Of course I find out later he worked a couple days this week....but it was at least by choice this time.  

In anticipation of his retirement him and my Aunt Nancy bought a small RV.  It's so cute!!  The kids think it's great.  After watching a lot of Sarah Palin's Alaska this past spring Bubby wanted to know if 'Uncle Mike's RV was JUST like Sarah Palin's'.  Uncle Mike told him it was EXACTLY the same but only smaller (about 1/4 the size!)  So, much to my cousin Jennifer's dismay the RV is now named lil' Sarah.  

Much to The Hunter's dismay I have been carrying around random pieces of barn wood for years.  Every once in awhile I find the perfect project for the perfect piece of wood.  Using a little vinyl and my wonderful Cricut I made a sign for my Uncle Mike.  Now he can hang it outside the RV and annoy Liberals wherever he goes.  ;-)

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