Thursday, May 12, 2011

What would YOU look like?

Ever wonder what you would look like if a camera followed you around all day?  I would HOPE I would look less like Kate Gosselin and more like Michelle Dugger but I think I kinda know which I would be leaning toward.

My friend Meagan's 5 year old helped her out this week, after the 3 year old had an accident, by letting her know just EXACTLY what she looks like to her.  I had to pass this along to you cause it's just TOO funny!

The following is from her blog.  Check it out here.
Abby and Hannah were playing in our room. Hannah yells, “I peed.” Seriously?!?! She hasn’t had a full blown accident in several days! Grrr! I walk in our room and she is IN OUR BED UNDER THE COVERS!!! Super grrrr!!! I took her out and put her on the floor and stripped the bed as quickly as I could. I came downstairs to wash the sheets and Abby starts yelling down questions. 
1. What color is your hair? 
2. What color are your eyes? 
3. Are you wearing flip flops right now?
A few minutes later Abby brings me this picture. She drew it for Daddy so he can see how mad Hannah made me while he was gone.
Disclaimer:  All photos and quotes belong solely to
No where do I 
insinuate this event happened
 to me or that my child drew this picture.
My children are fully potty trained and my boy
only pees on things outside in full view of everyone.


LV said...

The typical actions of a child. Loved hearing about your real life experience.

Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious!