Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Historic Route 66 Connection

As you know we recently moved and we now live on the historic Route 66.  It's a VERY small section of the old highway.  A very uneventful section of the highway.  One of those sections that veers off the main highway a little and you might look at it and say 'there's the old road...glad we don't have to drive on that'.  

Well not THESE people!  These people seek out those old roads and drive across the country 'experiencing America'.  I guess you have to be of a certain age to have a love for Route 66.  I appreciate their love for it but I'm a child of the 80's....I don't get it.  

This is the third group we have had come by so far.  I just happened to be outside getting some pics of the kids when they drove by.  Since only about 5 cars go by a day here and I know them all by now I figured these guys were not from here.  I started taking their picture and they started honking.

One car stopped and told me they were all from Australia and they were driving across America.  I wanted to ask them if they realized gas was $4.09 a gallon!

Yesterday 2 more cars drove by while we were cleaning out the garage.  They drove a little past the house and then got out, stretched, and took some pics.  We were cracking up since I'm sure they have a picture of our house and messy garage in the background of all their pictures.  True Americana.....

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Rachel said...

Ha ha, you're a tourist attraction now, just like Graceland! Gracieland!

(giggle giggle :)