Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get Featured on My Blog

Want to be featured on my blog?  It's simple!  Send me a gift!!  I will then take pictures of what you give me and talk about how great you are.  :)  

The other day I had a knock at the door and there stood a wonderful neighbor holding a HUGE bucket of cookies for ME (and my family I guess).  She said she was welcoming us to the neighborhood.  How cool is that?  I told here I have never received a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift and I have lived in a lot of places.  (Unless you count the neighbor who yelled at us on move-in day cause our cat had escaped and was on his porch 'terrorizing' his cat.)  

This picture is of the bottom of the bucket of cookies cause we ate them FAST.  I will get you the recipe soon cause I have GOT to makes these cookies.  

The next day I had flowers delivered!!  I have NEVER had flowers delivered to the house.  Aren't these beautiful?  Our friends Rod and David spent last Saturday with us and sent them as a thank you.  Later we will be able to plant these in the yard.

This has been a fun week for presents.  More to come!

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Anonymous said...

How fun to get that delicious looking welcome to the neighborhood treat! I can't believe you have not had that happen before - sounds like you are in a good neighborhood now. =)
What kind of cookies? They DID look fabulous! Will be watching for the recipe!