Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tropical Drink Invitation

Sharing some Sure Cuts A Lot love!!  

This is a special order invite I did this week for a party that is being held at a Tiki Hut.  I knew I wanted to use my Cricut but I had a real learning curve trying to figure out where to get a picture of something tropical to cut out.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a short seminar on the Sure Cuts A Lot, with my friend Susan, at a scrapbook convention.  It was VERY helpful but of course when you come home and put it all into practice it's always different.  Luckily I found this site with all these FREE SVG files!!  What a goldmine!!  Someone had already done all the work for me.   I downloaded the image and then broke it apart and had the Cricut cut it out.  I admit I had to watch a couple more tutorials and I wasted a lot of paper but once I got it together it was a breeze!!

I also had to put my entire craft room together so I could find all my tools.  Every time I would get ready to do something I would realize I had to unpack another box looking for something.  So, I decided it was just easier to get it all put together and THEN craft.

The Cricut and the SCAL program are my new best friend!!


Rachel said...

Great job on that!

Jennifer said...

You are SO creative. Thank goodness I know you so you can help me when I need something neat!