Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moving Chickens

The chickens have arrived!!  We moved and that means the chickens had to move too.   

The Hunter loaded the chickens into their house and loaded the chicken house onto a trailer.  He then drove them through town, around the square and down the road to their new home.   I can only imagine what people thought.  haha!

He backed up into the yard and put it into place.

It looks a little sad doesn't it?  Don't's going to get a fresh coat of paint and a new roof soon.

Everybody survived but they are having some issues assimilating into the general population.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

ROFL, that is so funny!!!!!! I'm SOOOO tempted to start snide cracks like, "you know you're a - - - - when . . ."

Hope everyone made it through the storm okay?