Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Grow Peep

What do you do with Peeps?  You eat them?  I don't...I think they are gross.  They really have no taste.  I would rather spend my calories on something else.  But I gotta admit....they are SO super cute!

I saw this cute idea for a Peep centerpiece in the Woman's Day magazine and thought the kid's teachers needed them.  I found the little ceramic flower pots in the Target Dollar Spot and thought they would be better than the little tin buckets the directions called for.  If they want throw it all away I figure they can still use the pot to plant a flower in.

You can find the step by step directions on the Woman's Day website but let me just say it was super easy to make.  You just hot glue the Peeps onto an embroidery hoop and a flower is born.  After Easter if  you get in a sugar fit and want to eat them I guess you can bite the heads off but to be honest the centerpiece should last the rest of your life since Peeps NEVER spoil.


Dawn said...

Lynn, just to clarify, normal people eat these GROSS things! I for one, LOVE THEM.....LOL But I must say, your creation would curb me eating the whole package and created something CUTE with them ;) Awesome pots!

Rachel said...

Great job! For a moment I thought you had just copied the photo from the Woman's Day magazine until you mentioned yours were clay pots! Wow, really professional crafting there gal!

(And it most likely comes as no surprise, but I too find Peeps gross on many levels.)