Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Peyton Place there were three sources of scandal:  suicide, murder and the impregnation of an unmarried girl.  

Peyton Place has it all.  I saw the movie a long time ago and always thought the book would be a great read.  The other day at the library I was walking the aisles and saw it!  I think this book is a must read.  It's about YOUR town...ANY town.

......Scandalous occurrences, of a public nature that is, do not often take place in small towns.  Therefore, although the closets of small-town folk are filled with such a number of skeletons that if all the bony remains of small-town shame were to begin rattling at once they would cause a commotion that could be heard on the moon, people are apt to say that nothing much goes on in towns like [insert your town here].  While it is true, no doubt, that the closets of city dwellers are in as sad disorder as those of small-town residents, the difference is that the city dweller is not as apt to be on as intimate terms with the contents of his neighbors's closet as is the inhabitant of a smaller community.  The difference between a closet skeleton and a scandal, in a small town, is that the former is examined behind barns by small groups who converse over it in whispers, while the latter is looked upon by everyone, on the main street, and discussed in shouts from rooftops.......  

I live in a small rural area and I have to say it's discussed behind the barns and shouted from the rooftops EVERY day here.  People should read more and gossip less.

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