Friday, March 18, 2011

Unexpected Gift

Remember earlier this week when I said I broke my favorite pie plate?  What's the old saying...When God closes a door he opens a window??  Something like that....  

Anyway.....last Saturday, right after I broke my pie plate, my friend Kerri gave me a present....a new pie plate!!  

She said she has been carrying it around since Christmas and our schedules are so different that we could just never get together.  Just when I was feeling down and had broke something I really liked a friend walks in with a smile and gift.  How cool is that!?

Kerri and I are berry picking buddies.  We picked a lot of produce together last summer and burned up a lot of miles looking for interesting places to eat lunch.....usually some place totally off the beaten path.    What better gift for a berry picking buddy than a new pie plate.  I've never had one of these cute little pie birds before either.  How cute is he??

I went right home and made an apple pie.  It was so yummy and looked so cute with the new little pie bird sitting in the middle.

 Thanks Kerri!


Dawn said...

I have never seen a pie plate like this, but it sure is neato! Of course, the apple pie doesn't look too shabby either!

Rachel said...

I don't have a plate like that, but I do have a pie bird and I agree that they're really fun (slightly morbid and grotesque, when one thinks about sticking a poor bird in a 400 degree oven), but cute nonetheless!