Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Surecutsalot Labels

I should title this post 'A whole post about a bucket' but that wouldn't get me as many Google hits.  Beware....this is a whole post about 2 buckets.  

I have to share with you another little project I did this week using my Surecutsalot and Cricut.  

As most of you know I cook most everything from scratch so I buy a lot of flour, sugar, and other baking supplies in bulk.  I always buy flour and sugar in 25lb bags cause not only do I bake a lot I also don't want to be running to town to buy a tiny bag of sugar every time I want to do something. I would love to have a fancy pretty container to store my bulk items in from somewhere like The Container Store but to be honest I have found them not to be big enough.  

A couple of years ago I discovered these 5 gallon buckets at the local farm supply store.  I think they are supposed to keep dog food fresh but right now they are keeping people food fresh.  I've had more strange looks when I haul these out but I've never had issues with bugs since I got them.  They are air tight!  


I decided to spray the bottom of the bucket white to cover up the wording and the lid red.  It didn't take but a few minutes and I had totally different bucket.  I stood back and I was all proud of myself for my little project when I realized I had just created a plain white bucket with a red lid.  Woohoo!  Nobody has EVER seen that in the feed store before! (sarcasm intended)   I probably could have bought plain buckets and it would have been way easier but I already had the bucket and had the paint.  Trying to be economical and use what I have people!

Using the Surecutsalot program I used the same label as I did with my small canisters and enlarged it.   (The buckets I keep in the pantry the canisters I keep on top of my pie safe).  It was a lot easier to cut out the bigger letters.  I'm learning that some fonts are not that easy to cut out.

Now my buckets don't look like they came from the farm supply store....well maybe they do but at least they have fun labels on them.


Enjoying my life said...

Very cute Lynn!

Dawn said...

I LOVE this shape of label! So clever you are ;)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's funny, but I do like the labels on them. I think I might have to go that route too, because 50 pound bags of rice take a long time to get through and they're taking up too much room in my kitchen . . .