Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's all in who ya know

My kids are now at an age where they are pretty easy to handle.  Not that I am not needed anymore but they are way more self sufficient than they were at say...18 months.  My son was hard at 18months.  He was active...VERY active.

Getting into breadcrumbs January 2008
Many days I had him strapped to me in a sling while I made dinner cause he wanted to be in EVERYTHING.  My daughter was probably a handful too but she went to a babysitter at that age and sadly I only had to deal with her a couple hours a day...WAY different situation.

Over the years I have called my sister during the day and one or all of us would be crying or I would be in the car trying to tell her a story and there was crazy commotion going on in the background.  She would listen sympathetically and then say something like, 'Well I've got to go eat pizza or go watch a movie (UNINTERRUPTED!)  talk to ya later.'

Christmas 2010

So, last week I had to laugh when my sister went to nanny for a friend of hers.  My sister is great with kids and these children are no trouble but some of the little things that where happening made me laugh cause it was the SAME issues I've had for years.

Scenario #1:  Small children, time zone change, and pre-dawn phone calls make for VERY early mornings.  Apparently not early enough cause when I called her at 5:30am (her time) she was NOT happy with me...go figure.  One morning she had the kids strapped in their car seats and she was desperately trying to GPS a McD's so she could find some caffeine.  I've done this for YEARS while my sister (and all her co-workers) laughed at me.  Then they would all breeze off to their childless martini lunches.  

Scenario #2:  Rainy mornings mean no park time.  Since it's not her house or neighborhood and she doesn't have a built-in set of mommy friends I can imagine it can make for a very long day.  So, she used her head and did the next best thing...Target!  She let them play in the toy aisle and looked at all the pretty Target things.

Scenario #3:  After leaving Target the Nanny needs some more caffeine and the toddler insists on a hamburger.  Did you know you can't get a hamburger at 10am at a McD's?  My sister didn't.  I had to laugh as she said she wanted to crawl through the drive-thru window and strangle the woman for not getting 'her' little girl the ONE thing she will happily eat.  We've all been there haven't we?  You look at the clerk and want to say 'for the love of God can you please hurry up before my child self-distructs!!'

So, today Bubby was on his 3rd breakfast and wanted a cheeseburger at 10:10am.  I went through the drive-thru and talked him into an egg sandwich.  I got to the window and, of course, knew the girl (small town...we are even Facebook friends).  She happily told me she would get me a cheeseburger.  HA!  I had to call my sister and tell her 'It's all in who ya know.'

Update:  I just called my sister to tell her I blogged about her and she texted me back to say 'I'm in a restaurant and can't talk right now...do you need something?'  So ironic!  haha!

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Rachel said...

hahahahaa, I'm just dying laughing over here! Hilarious!