Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebooking the Old-Fashioned Way

This past weekend I traveled with my sister to Louisville, KY.  She was a guest speaker at a conference and I was a shopper of the stores.  We all have to stick with what we are good at.  

View from our Hotel

Since getting on Facebook a couple of years ago I've discovered my life can pretty much be summed up in multiple one-liners.  Lines and phrases that tell JUST enough of what is going on in your life but not TOO much.  (And then there are some who tell WAY too much on Facebook but that is a whole other post.)

When I'm away from the house I can't Facebook cause I don't have a fancy Iphone.  To me my phone LOOKS fancy cause it's pink but other than that it's JUST a phone.  I know...sad isn't it?

Little joke:  How do you tell if someone has an Iphone?  Oh don't worry....they will TELL you!  hahahahaha!  Sorry...I only tell that joke out of complete jealousy. that I've insulted everyone I know I'll get on with my post.  While driving down to Louisville we kept thinking up great one-line Facebook posts but since neither of us have an Iphone we couldn't post them.  So, I decided to write them all down on know paper...that stuff we used to use in grade school to write on.

So here goes......Things We Would Have Facebooked IF We Had Iphones:

  • You can tell how classy a radio station is by how often they 'HOWL' between songs.
  • It's SO small!  Maybe it's Canadian.
  • You realize we had to drive an hour NORTH to get to KY?
  • Why would you want to put your finger in it?
  • Flipflops on. Check. Driving a new truck. Check. Headed to the mall. Check.  hmmmm.....Hope I can find my way out of the parking garage.
  • While in CVS I was directed to aisle 'T&A'.  In Louisville, KY this translates to aisle 10-A.  I was so confused!
  • Nobody seems to be home anywhere.  They all must be out whooping it up at pizza restaurants WE can't find.  
  • Sorry ma'am....we are out of pizza.  
Now I realize most of these won't be funny cause you weren't in the truck with us driving through the night trying desperately to find a pizza place.  Who would think it would be THAT hard to find a pizza place in Southern Indiana but it is.  The GPS kept taking us to long lost forgotten places that closed 50 years ago.  When we finally found a place we had a 12 year old waiter who kept calling us ma'am and would ONLY let us order a large.  So strange.  

Our whole trip was like this....we would drive and drive to the 'perfect' place and then get there and it was ok.  But at least we had fun doing it...AND we looked good in a new Ford F-150 pickup.  That's all that matters.  

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