Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Catch-Up

Happy Valentine's Day all!  I thought I would do a quick post and catch you up on all the fun little Valentine projects I did over the last couple of week.  

This card was for a special order.  I needed a card from kids to their teachers and grandparents so I didn't want it to be too lovey dovey.  

A couple of little notebooks for a special order.   I hope they liked them this morning when they opened up their Valentines.

The subway Valentine art is from Craftily Ever After.  Check out her blog...she has such fun printables for every season.  

The mailboxes are for the kid's teachers.  I found them in the dollar spot at Target and covered them with fun Valentine Paper.  I saw this idea at JadeMingmei Designs awhile back and thought it was a cute idea for any occasion.  Check out Dawn's blog cause she has such FUN ideas.  She is most certainly my paper crafting inspiration.

I know the kid's teacher's outside of class and I knew they would think this is funny.  I filled the mailbox with little bottles of rum and coke!  Low calorie and fun!  What woman who deals with all those kids on a daily basis doesn't need a little sweet inspiration??

I found the perfect little Coke cans at Kroger's.  The 2 bottles fit PERFECTLY in the mailbox.

What better way to Keep Calm and Kiss On then to have a sweet drink after work.

Disclaimer:  Giving an alcoholic Valentine gift to your child's teacher is COMPLETELY inappropriate, tacky, weird, strange, redneck and I would never recommend it to a friend who happens to be a teacher is totally ok.  


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

you are awesome. Just sayin'.

meagan said...

So cute!! Love everything! I keep checking my mailbox for one of those fantastic mailboxes... but no such luck :P

Susan said...

Love love the mail boxes... very cute idea..

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

You always make me laugh! I am just trying to keep the calm on right now, my kids are driving me CRAZY. Come on Spring!

Jennifer said...

Okay I am finally leaving a comment on your blog rather than emailing. I am so excited our cards and notebooks were published. Just wanted to let you know that everyone was very impressed with their goodies. Thanks for being such a creative friend. I can use all the help I can get.

Dawn said...

LOL!!!!!! The disclamier KILLED me! I think all my kids teacher's would "friend" me every year if I sent these in ;) I'm glad I could inspire you to get your inner drink on today!

Rachel said...

Ugh, you are SO bad for my ego. I thought I was doing all great for Valentine's because I made cards (well, I designed them on the computer and printed them out, but that's still "made" right?!) and thought I was doing all good.

Seriously though, great stuff!