Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow-magedon 2011 Has Begun

All anyone has talked about around here for 2 days is the snow and ice and when it's going to hit and how much we are going to get.  I'm pretty tired of it already.  Just snow already!!  It's been raining ice since yesterday morning and now they are predicting up to 2 feet of snow.  

I climbed on the roof of the barn to get a picture of the weather vain covered in ice cause I thought it looked so cool.  Do you see the lengths I will go for great photos for this blog??  Just kidding......it's only a decorative weather vain and it's stuck in a flower bed at the end of the walk.  Yes, I do have sidewalks here in the middle of no where....2 of them.  

We are under a Blizzard Warning right now until tomorrow.  Let it snow!!  I don't care how many feet of snow we get my only concern is if we lose power.  Cause if we lose power we lose water and I kinda like water.  It's kind important for drinking and flushing of the toilets.  I think I'm prepared though....so let it snow and let it blow!

Right now all the ice and snow hitting the house sounds like tinkling angry wind chimes.  I'm just happy I'm not Caroline Ingalls and this isn't The Long Winter and I have fleece pj pants and fuzzy house slippers.

As long as we keep power I will keep my faithful readers in the loop.  For all my northern readers...sorry if this is all old news but I have been told this is the first big snow we have had around here since 1982 and technically this is only my second blizzard.  


Mellodee said...

If losing power is a real concern, get out your buckets, and basins, fill a tub; that way you'll have an emergency stash! Use it sparingly until the power returns. You can always use what's left for the chickens!

EFT Manual said...

It's super cold outside nowadays. Make sure to grab your jacket, gloves and bonnet before going out!

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

We haven't got anything except some rain today, I hope it stays that way. You better stay off that barn! Seriously, hope your power stays on. Stay warm!