Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Fashionista in the Making

Sitting here with my daughter watching a couple DVR'ed What Not to Wear episodes.  I LOVE this show and watch it every week religiously.  I don't really follow fashion advice to a T but I was once called a frumpy mom by an older woman who wore nothing but hoodie's, jeans, and white tennis shoes so I think I'll follow Stacy and Clinton's advice first.  

photo courtesy of WNTW

I think it's fabulous that while watching the show tonight Sissy was giving her fashion opinion on the clothing....and for the most part she was agreeing with what Stacy and Clinton were saying.  At one point she even yelled at the tv, "Listen to Clinton!!!"  I was cracking up....and so proud.

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laughlogic said...

I so want to see them dress a prego woman, as sometimes they need help the most, or a grandma.