Friday, February 25, 2011

Isn't Mother Nature Funny?

It rained all day long yesterday.  Poured.  They kept calling for a wintery mix but it was just rain.  

Drove to town about 4pm last night and it was just sprinkling.  We had on normal shoes and rain jackets.  It was almost 40 reason for snow gear.  

By the time we got to town it was snowing so hard I could barely see the road.  When we walked out of the gym it was a rainy/snowy/slushy MESS!  3 inches of snow and slush....blah!

I think this is retaliation for all the texts I've been sending my Northern friends bragging about our 50 and 60 degree weather.

Mother Nature got me back in a BIG way.


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

But she gave you plenty of good picture takin' ops. I love the 1/2 covered tree & the barn window 'specially.

alissa said...

Wow - look at all that snow! I guess Mother Nature did get you back!

I was just looking on your sidebar @ your reading list. I loved The Help - probably one of my all time favorite books. I also have Laura's book but have not read it yet. Same with W's - pre-ordered it but have not read it. I need to find some time because I am really excited to read both of them!

Design Elements said...

lovely post! happy weekend!

Rachel said...

Yes. Payback is sweet :)