Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet??

Today is The Hunter's birthday.  Since I'm only 17 he would certainly only be 18.  The deal at our gym is when you have a birthday we ALL have to do that number of push-ups.  So, if my trainer at the gym is reading this then this means we can only do 18 push-ups tomorrow.  

I found this stamp at Unity Stamp and thought it was PERFECT for my husband.  He is ALL about all things Jeep.  When he saw his card he was more than ok with me buying yet another stamp.  (win-win situation!) 

I also got him some new survival books for reading by the fire at night and a new black Carhartt coat.  

He so needed a new coat cause his other one made him look homeless.  

Getting my hubby a new coat is VERY tricky business.  He doesn't necessarily NEED a new coat so he doesn't want me to spend the money on one.   For months I have to slowly talk about how a new coat for him would look so nice.  I have to point out other newer Carhartt coats and how nice they look.  Then when I think he just might like the idea I spring a new coat on him.  It's kinda like when you introduce a mother cow to a calf that is not her own.  You have to slowly sneak the calf up to the mother and then hope it nurses.   They won't always accept each other.  This is exactly what I did with this coat.  I slowly worked it into conversations and then when he least expected it...BAM...he has a new coat.

It's a silly dance but it worked.  Hubby is now in a new black coat and he doesn't look homeless anymore.  Happy Birthday dear!!

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Anonymous said...

That must be one nice black coat!!!