Monday, February 28, 2011

Irish Eye Chart

With St. Patty's Day right around the corner I thought I should post some of the holiday crafts I have up around the house.    I'm still lovin' my little jars!  I decided after the candy-fest we have had around here from Christmas to Valentine's day that I didn't want to fill these jars with anything sweet....i.e. green M&M's.  

I thought of green easter grass but then decided on this shredded paper.  I ran some green paper through the shredder and voila!  Super easy and cheap!  I then used the Cricut to cut out the shamrocks.  

I haven't found any 'Keep Calm' type prints to copy other than 'Kiss me I'm Irish'...which I'm not so I feel weird putting stuff like that out there.  I did find this St. Patty's Day craft at Tatertots and Jello and I thought it would be a cute and simple decoration.  She used her Silhouette to print out her letters but I just made a Word document.  I typed in some random letters, stuck the word LUCKY in the middle and found a cute shamrock clipart....printed it out and....DONE!

I needed a green frame so I used a bunch of really cool techniques to get this fabulous green and black crackle look.  It took me days and days to get this one-of-a-kind look.  Actually, I took an old black frame I had lying around out to the garage and spray painted it with a can of green spray paint that was too cold.  The can has been out there for years and since it's only about 34 degrees outside today the paint bubbled up on the frame and didn't stick in some places.  This is what happens when you don't follow directions.

Any other time this would have been a disaster but for once I think not following directions worked out in my favor.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Isn't Mother Nature Funny?

It rained all day long yesterday.  Poured.  They kept calling for a wintery mix but it was just rain.  

Drove to town about 4pm last night and it was just sprinkling.  We had on normal shoes and rain jackets.  It was almost 40 reason for snow gear.  

By the time we got to town it was snowing so hard I could barely see the road.  When we walked out of the gym it was a rainy/snowy/slushy MESS!  3 inches of snow and slush....blah!

I think this is retaliation for all the texts I've been sending my Northern friends bragging about our 50 and 60 degree weather.

Mother Nature got me back in a BIG way.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Does This Mean I'm Finally Stylish??

Well, this is a first....I've have received a Stylish Blogger Award from Stamping very cool stampin blog.  Check out Sandy's blog if you want fun Stampin' Up! ideas.  I met Sandy last November at a craft show.  I saw her booth from afar and practically mowed people down to get to it.  My sister was like, "Act cool.  Act cool!  She'll raise her prices if she sees you running to her booth."  I bought some cool cards that I never have sent out.  They sit on my window ledge as inspiration.  

Part of the award is to do the following:

1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
2) share 8 things about myself
3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!

8 Things About if there is anything left to tell.  

  1. I have been married to The Hunter for almost 13 years. 
  2. My beds are all unmade while I sit here blogging....but the dishes are all done and the washing machine and dryer are going.  A friend told me recently she always makes her bed cause if someone breaks in she doesn't want them to think she is dirty.  I'm hoping they take one look at the house and think 'someone has already robbed the place' and then turn around and leave.  
  3. I have a thing for organizing closets and cabinets. The house might be a mess but the closets are all in order!
  4. I find time to take at least 2 classes a day at the gym (reason housework isn't done).
  5. I love to bake. Baking calms me. When I'm stressed and the rest of the house is in a mess I will just drop it all and bake. Hence reason I have to work out hours a day.
  6. I hate veggies but I eat them cause I know they are good for me and my skin.  
  7. I love BBC dramas which are basically British soaps.....but I wouldn't be caught dead watching American Soaps.  For some reason if they are speaking 'British' then it's way more sophisticated.  
  8.  I love office supplies.  When I used to work in an office I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE making out the purchase order for office supplies and when they came you would have thought it was Christmas.  Now I buy stamping and scrapbooking supplies.  

8 Blogs Who Inspire Me 
(other than Stamping Sanity who I check EVERY day). There are so many blogs out there I check pretty regular for ideas and inspiration but I'm just going to limit this selection to crafting blogs only so if yours is not on there PLEASE don't get mad at me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Despise a Floggin' Rooster

The snowing is melting!!  It has REALLY warmed up this past week and I'm loving all of it but the mud.  It's now that time of year I have to put it into 4-wheel drive to get in and out of the drive way.  

We ordered 25 more chicks last week.    

They are all doing well so far....only lost 2 so that is good.    The kids love to check on them everyday and hold them.  

The chickens don't venture out much when there is a lot of snow on the ground but all this 50 and 60 degree weather has really put a spring in their step.  While out taking pics of the chickens I realized I haven't introduced you to our new boys....Mr. Big and Aiden.  A friend of my mom's talked us into taking 2 of her roosters off her hands.  They had names when they arrived but soon I thought they needed new ones.

After watching them for a couple of days I decided the bigger rooster should be called Mr. Big......

and the other one should be called Aiden.  Ya know...from Sex & the City.  They both seem to fight over the blond chicken, Sara, so I thought these names were PERFECT.

I was worried about having roosters around the place.  I have heard horror stories......I Despise a Floggin' Rooster!

There is something comforting in hearing them crow throughout the day.  Since we keep them locked up at night I don't have to hear them till The Hunter get's up and lets them out in the morning.

The seem to really watch over their girls....and I like that.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Fashionista in the Making

Sitting here with my daughter watching a couple DVR'ed What Not to Wear episodes.  I LOVE this show and watch it every week religiously.  I don't really follow fashion advice to a T but I was once called a frumpy mom by an older woman who wore nothing but hoodie's, jeans, and white tennis shoes so I think I'll follow Stacy and Clinton's advice first.  

photo courtesy of WNTW

I think it's fabulous that while watching the show tonight Sissy was giving her fashion opinion on the clothing....and for the most part she was agreeing with what Stacy and Clinton were saying.  At one point she even yelled at the tv, "Listen to Clinton!!!"  I was cracking up....and so proud.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Muddy Toes

HUGE Cuttlebug Bargain!

Look at what I found!!!  This week while checking out Goodwill for some deals I found a Cuttlebug for ONLY $4.  It's in great shape and has all it's parts...I think.  

To be honest I've never used one but I think it's similar to a Sizzix machine which I have used and think is really neat.   Do you have one?  Do you like it?  What do you use it for?  I'm going to have to check out some Youtube videos and maybe some craft stores to check out the accessories.

A texted my friend, Rachel, to tell her about the deal I had found and she said, "Don't you have a Cricut why do you need a Cuttlebug?"  I said, "It was $4!!"  She then looked at her HUGE yarn stash and decided not to point fingers at me.  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Little Words

Three Little Words.....a thank you card I made for a special order.  Simple little set that can be used a lot and yet I've had it a long time and never used it.  The paper is also Stampin' Up but it's from almost 5 years ago and I can't find the name.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Catch-Up

Happy Valentine's Day all!  I thought I would do a quick post and catch you up on all the fun little Valentine projects I did over the last couple of week.  

This card was for a special order.  I needed a card from kids to their teachers and grandparents so I didn't want it to be too lovey dovey.  

A couple of little notebooks for a special order.   I hope they liked them this morning when they opened up their Valentines.

The subway Valentine art is from Craftily Ever After.  Check out her blog...she has such fun printables for every season.  

The mailboxes are for the kid's teachers.  I found them in the dollar spot at Target and covered them with fun Valentine Paper.  I saw this idea at JadeMingmei Designs awhile back and thought it was a cute idea for any occasion.  Check out Dawn's blog cause she has such FUN ideas.  She is most certainly my paper crafting inspiration.

I know the kid's teacher's outside of class and I knew they would think this is funny.  I filled the mailbox with little bottles of rum and coke!  Low calorie and fun!  What woman who deals with all those kids on a daily basis doesn't need a little sweet inspiration??

I found the perfect little Coke cans at Kroger's.  The 2 bottles fit PERFECTLY in the mailbox.

What better way to Keep Calm and Kiss On then to have a sweet drink after work.

Disclaimer:  Giving an alcoholic Valentine gift to your child's teacher is COMPLETELY inappropriate, tacky, weird, strange, redneck and I would never recommend it to a friend who happens to be a teacher is totally ok.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet??

Today is The Hunter's birthday.  Since I'm only 17 he would certainly only be 18.  The deal at our gym is when you have a birthday we ALL have to do that number of push-ups.  So, if my trainer at the gym is reading this then this means we can only do 18 push-ups tomorrow.  

I found this stamp at Unity Stamp and thought it was PERFECT for my husband.  He is ALL about all things Jeep.  When he saw his card he was more than ok with me buying yet another stamp.  (win-win situation!) 

I also got him some new survival books for reading by the fire at night and a new black Carhartt coat.  

He so needed a new coat cause his other one made him look homeless.  

Getting my hubby a new coat is VERY tricky business.  He doesn't necessarily NEED a new coat so he doesn't want me to spend the money on one.   For months I have to slowly talk about how a new coat for him would look so nice.  I have to point out other newer Carhartt coats and how nice they look.  Then when I think he just might like the idea I spring a new coat on him.  It's kinda like when you introduce a mother cow to a calf that is not her own.  You have to slowly sneak the calf up to the mother and then hope it nurses.   They won't always accept each other.  This is exactly what I did with this coat.  I slowly worked it into conversations and then when he least expected it...BAM...he has a new coat.

It's a silly dance but it worked.  Hubby is now in a new black coat and he doesn't look homeless anymore.  Happy Birthday dear!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Note of Love card

Simple Valentine cards.  I saw this card idea on a website and I thought it was too cute.  I made a pack of them for a custom order for a friend of mine.

The snow and ice around here is just getting OLD.  In the middle of our little blizzard we had a death in the family so we had to travel for the funeral.  Driving through the state we discovered we didn't really get as much bad stuff as others.  Further east of us they had lot's more ice and days later they still didn't have power.  We were lucky not to lose power.

The sun was out today but it was SUPER cold.  I've heard it's supposed to be close to 50 degrees this weekend so I'm SO looking forward that.  Not looking forward to all the mud it's going to create though.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow-magedon 2011.....Not All That

Well we survived....the wind was pretty crazy during the evening and night but we didn't get near the snow they were predicting.  Either that or it all blew away.  We lost power a couple of time but it didn't last long, thank God.  

During the day yesterday the flag was froze stiff.  I should have gone out to take it down but it was cold.  

My view out most of my windows this morning.

The frozen tundra looking easterly.

The frozen tundra looking west.

What's more unpatriotic than letting the flag freeze stiff?  Letting the flag freeze to the ground in the middle of the yard.  I really did try to pick it up but there was no moving it.  Oh well... to eat all the carbs I cooked yesterday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The View From the Inside

We still have power.  :)  

Snow-magedon 2011 Has Begun

All anyone has talked about around here for 2 days is the snow and ice and when it's going to hit and how much we are going to get.  I'm pretty tired of it already.  Just snow already!!  It's been raining ice since yesterday morning and now they are predicting up to 2 feet of snow.  

I climbed on the roof of the barn to get a picture of the weather vain covered in ice cause I thought it looked so cool.  Do you see the lengths I will go for great photos for this blog??  Just's only a decorative weather vain and it's stuck in a flower bed at the end of the walk.  Yes, I do have sidewalks here in the middle of no where....2 of them.  

We are under a Blizzard Warning right now until tomorrow.  Let it snow!!  I don't care how many feet of snow we get my only concern is if we lose power.  Cause if we lose power we lose water and I kinda like water.  It's kind important for drinking and flushing of the toilets.  I think I'm prepared let it snow and let it blow!

Right now all the ice and snow hitting the house sounds like tinkling angry wind chimes.  I'm just happy I'm not Caroline Ingalls and this isn't The Long Winter and I have fleece pj pants and fuzzy house slippers.

As long as we keep power I will keep my faithful readers in the loop.  For all my northern readers...sorry if this is all old news but I have been told this is the first big snow we have had around here since 1982 and technically this is only my second blizzard.  

The 1950's minus the girdles

I recently discovered paper from October Afternoon called The Thrift shop and Cosmo Cricket called Material Girl & Garden Variety.  I kinda want to paper my kitchen in it but that would just be crazy...wouldn't it?  

The stamps are from the dollar bin at Michael's.  

The paper reminds me of those old 1940's & 1950's Dick & Jane readers. 

 I love all the look of this area without all the cigarettes, war, and girdles.  

We are still waiting for the storm of the century.  Just enough rain and ice to make driving dangerous but not really enough to call it a MAJOR storm yet.  We'll see as the day goes on.