Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year Without Oprah

Happy New Year!

Today is the is the day the Oprah show is gone.  This is a big deal for me!  I am very sad.  I have been VCRing and DVRing Oprah for YEARS.

Like I have said before she and Ellen are my major sources of news and entertainment.  Where else can I learn about celebrities, health issues, and the ALL edge brownie pan in ONE show??  (the all edge brownie pan is pretty cool by the way).  On any given day I could probably work something I saw on the Oprah show into any phone conversation (much to my sister's dismay).  My friend Stephanie is also obsessed with her show.  Once her husband joked (I think he was joking) that if Oprah told us to jump off a bridge we would do it.  I told him 'noooo....that would be silly but we sure would watch the show where she would have Dr. Oz on to tell us it was dangerous and Nate Berkus on to tell us how to decorate the bridge.'

I got very excited when I found out Oprah was going to have her OWN network and then this week I found out she was going to have one whole show dedicated to behind the scene stuff from the last season.  This is PERFECT for me!  When watching a DVD I always watch the director's commentary and all the extra and deleted scenes.  You find out such fun exciting stuff that way.  Make fun of me all you want....I don't care.  After years of doing this I am a wealth of useless information.

Well....I called DISH to ask them if I was going to be getting her channel and they said no.  I would have to upgrade.  We'll take a moment of silence here.......  I will not be getting a programming upgrade.  The Hunter is refusing to pay the extra money a month to upgrade our programming.  I tried to temp him with 'we'll get the Outdoor Network too!'  but it didn't work.  I do have agree's silly to pay extra just cause I want one more channel.  Right?  It's silly, right?

Oprah if you are reading this I really would love to watch your OWN network.  I would really like to have it be part of my minimum DISH programming package.  You have Suze Orman on your show to tell me to cut back and I do and then you temp me with a new channel that I REALLY want and have to pay extra for.  It's so not fair.  Maybe if enough people write in and ask her to put her network on the Basic DISH package she will change it.  Maybe.....  Until then I will just be satisfied with the O Magazine.

Have a Happy New Year!  I'm off to take down the Christmas tree and get my house back together.


Nikki said...

I have her new network :oP

Rachel said...

We have dish and I know you can get just one channel for something like $2-$3 / month. They just don't let you know that because they want you to spent the like $20 more a month to upgrade.

jskippy11 said...

WOW.. I can't believe the Hunter didn't go for it knowing that he could get The Outdoor Channel... my husband would have said ok to that :) Sorry you won't be seeing any more Oprah

Rachel said...

Ha ha, you're hilarious!

Dawn said...

Lynn, seriously, I tune into these shows too...I think a small part of me is going to kill off when Oprah's show ends this year! I could pass on her new OWN channel...not enough shows to cover all the times slots!