Monday, January 10, 2011

Knitting, Starbucks & No Pattern

I really haven't been knitting all that much this year.  I think I only knitted 4 things for Christmas.  I have just been out of the mood.  The paper crafts are calling me more and more.  To be honest I think I'm better at paper crafts.  They give me more pleasure.  It comes more naturally for me.  Knitting and sewing take a bit of work for me...(ok...they take a bit of math for me and we all know that I have issues with that).  I like the knitting cause I can take it places with me and keep my hands busy but while I've been at home I've been card making and scrapbooking more. 

Today my friend Meagan sent me 2 great pics.  One of herself wearing her favorite fingerless gloves holding her most favorite drink in the world.  (ok....It's probably not her favorite but it's still early in the day.)  I knitted her these gloves last year for Christmas.  They are from a pattern we shall not mention and that I have not knitted from since nor will I ever knit from again.  


These fingers are her mom, Suzanne's.  Meagan told me how her mom's fingers get so cold at work and we thought she needed some gloves to keep warm but she could still type.  I love this pattern!  Way easier than the aforementioned pattern and the designer hasn't yet tried to sue me so that's a plus.

I knitted a couple of pairs of these fingerless gloves for people during Christmas break and they went very easy.  The thumb gusset is a lot easier to figure out than previous patterns.  Also, the same pattern seems to fit everyone from my daughter's hands to mine without any alternation. math calculations.  

Disclaimer:  Both pairs of gloves were a gift.  No money was exchanged.  There was some exchanging of  chips, salsa and Starbucks but that's a whole other post.  Oh and there was this one time I just showed up at Suzanne's pool to swim but I think we are even now.  

The second pattern came from a friend and I have no clue where she got don't ask.  


Rachel said...

Hahahahahah, "salsa and chips were exchanged . . " Hilarious!

I really like how you did that second pair with the stripe. I'm going to have to remember that.

TOLD you it was a fantastic pattern!!

(Almost as good as my hat, hee hee ! :)

jskippy11 said...

Ha ha ha.. could you please knit me some of those gloves! :) Love this post... to funny! And I love those gloves too, they are very cute!