Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Cards

I am going to call these my Holiday cards this year instead of my Christmas cards cause I JUST mailed them yesterday.  So, if you are thinking you might have been slighted this year and didn't get a card....don't worry....they are coming.  Or maybe you have already forgot about Christmas and moved on and to those people I say, 'Stop getting your Valentine's stuff out!!  We were just eating turkey LAST week!!'

This purple snowflake card has been made since October.  There really is NO excuse as to why they didn't get mailed on time.  Well...I guess the excuse is I only made 25 at a Stampin' Up! workshop I hosted and needed at least 25 more.  I was all about the purple this fall and wanted to make everything purple and green.  We used the Serene Snowflakes and Heard from the Heart stamp sets.  We also got to use the SU shimmer paints and sponge daubers.  Some of us got it all over us but it was so much fun.  I was going to do something similar for the rest of my cards and then I discovered this stamp set.....

I saw the Scenic Season stamp set used on a blog and I knew I HAD to have it!  Not only did it look so beautiful and simple it was...well...simple.  One stamp.  That's it....ONE stamp.  I did use a red marker on the red bird but that was easy.  I then used crystal effects and the dazzling diamonds to make some sparkly snow.  I was really happy with them.  

So, go ahead and make fun of me for just now getting my cards out.  Go ahead and make comments like....'she's a SAHM and has nothing to do why couldn't she get her cards out before Christmas'.  Go ahead...I don't care.  To those people I saw, 'Where your cards handmade??'  That's what I thought.  


Mellodee said...

Situations like your's are why some of our more popular phrases exist, e.g., "Better late than never." or "It's the thought that counts." I am not laughing at you, in fact, I'm jealous. Anyone who can find time to make and send out hand-crafted cards at anytime is a superstar to me!

jskippy11 said...

Oh no... not comments about SAHM.. you do waaaaay more than me, and I am even home a couple days a week! And I like your cards by the way :)