Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Difference Between Old Men & Old Women

This morning I knew I would have about an hour and a half to kill in town so I brought along my laptop.  I decided to stop in at the place that sells my local addiction to blog and edit some photos. 

 I made myself all comfy (and no I did not get a Coke...I got a hot chocolate) with my laptop and Ipod when I noticed there were 2 older woman sitting across the aisle from me having coffee and talking.  To honest I didn't know them and I was not listening to them.  After awhile I just happened to look up at the same time one of them did and that's when I noticed they got all secretive so that, of course, is when I started listening to what they had to say.  

The one lady chastised the other for talking too loud.  They assumed I was listening and shot me a couple of dirty looks.  They went on talking about everyone and their daughter.  This one was pregnant, this one was divorced, and this one was just plain mean.  What I thought was ironic is all the while trashing their neighbors and shooting me dirty looks they were both drinking coffee out of their favorite local christian radio mugs.  

I'm not going to point fingers and say I don't gossip but I have learned to do it in the privacy of my friend's kitchen without drinking from a Jesus mug.

While these women were talking in front of me (literally) a couple of older gentleman were talking behind me....loudly.  I didn't have to turn down my Ipod to hear them.

The 2 men greeted each other.

1st man:  So, has Bob left yet?
2nd man:  Yes, he went back to Arizona.  Boy he sure enjoyed that game the other night.  
1st man:  You mean the Bears game?
2nd man:  No....the Packers game.
Long pause.....
1st man:  You mean the Bears game?
2nd man:  Packers....Bob really likes those Packers.
Long pause......
1st man:  Hmmmm.....that's interesting.  I didn't know that about him.

The man said it like Bob was an ax-murderer.  I was cracking up!  I pretty much think this gentleman is done with poor Bob if he ever come back to Illinois.

Now don't send me hate mail cause I could care less about the Packers or the Bears.  We are not a sports family.  We used to live up on the Illinois/Wisconsin line so all week I've been seeing a lot of talk back and forth on Facebook about the Packers, Bears and Jets...otherwise I would have never known they played.

I thought it was amusing this morning that these 2 old woman were concerned about EVERY aspect of their friend's lives and all this guy cared about is that his friend wasn't a Bears fan.

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Rachel said...

Ha hah hahaha, that's hilarious!