Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Every morning I see the sun rise and I would have to say most mornings it's pretty spectacular...even though I'm really not a morning person.

It was -4 when I got up this morning.   This picture pretty much LOOKS -4 doesn't it?

On mornings like this I'm thankful we only have chickens to take care of and not a farm full of livestock.  I'm thankful my hubby takes care of the chickens in the mornings.  I'm thankful he brought me in a load of wood this morning to keep us warm enough.  I'm also VERY thankful for wool socks and fleece PJ pants.  Hope you are keeping warm.


mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Awesome photo, almost looks like it was brayerd. Of course not by me, I am terrrible at brayering. Stay warm!

Mellodee said...

-4? -4 DEGREES??? No, thank you! I lived in Chicago for over 25 years, so I know what -4 degrees feels like. There's a reason I now live in Texas.... :)

(My advice?? Huddle under a blanket and stay warm until Spring!)