Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fry Box Treat Box

I saw these cute little boxes on a blog...which I can't remember which blog right now.  I went to a local fast food place and got one of their fry boxes, took it apart and traced it.  I thought it turned out really cute!  I used it for a little gift I gave my mom for her birthday.  

Disclaimer:  I did not eat the fries!  I asked for an empty fry box.  Why I was at this particular eating establishment I will not disclose....I may or may not have been getting a Coke.  I'm sure this little box is all kinds of copyrighted but I swear I gave it as a gift and will not be selling them.  The only way I will be selling little boxes like this is if I get the Cricut cartridge that cuts them out.  (I have since found out there is a cartridge that cuts out a similar box)  I will not be mass producing these little boxes...i.e. cutting them out by hand.  Life is short and I don't have elves working for me.  


Sami Lesko said...

Very cute!

BTW - I would NOT have been able to resist the contents! :-)

Merry Christmas!!


Rachel said...

Ha ha ha,that's funny! Very cute, and your disclaimer is hilarious :)