Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friends with Phenomenal Counterspace

Who doesn't love making Christmas cookies?!  My friend Meagan and I always exchange presents but we both had so much going on this year and had yet to make cookies so we  thought this year we would make cookies and watch holiday movies all day long too.   

I borrowed a cookie press from a friend but I think I'm going to stick with the cookie cutter type cookies.  SO much easier!!  It took FOREVER just to make 2 pans.  There were many jokes about my ability to use a cookie press and it was just not worth it.  

 We had a holiday movie marathon while eating lot's of cookies and chips and salsa (of course).  It's a Wonderful Life, Deck the Halls, Christmas Vacation, and Elf.  On the way home the kids watched Funny Farm in the back seat so I got almost all of them in for the day.

I think this is a GREAT holiday tradition we should continue for years to come.....

especially since she has GREAT counter space.  You see how many cookies these counters can hold??!  It's phenomenal!!


Anonymous said...

Those look great Lynn!!

I use an old crank and twist cookie press that makes amazing cookies. Those caulk gun types are crap. My mom and I both have one - let me know if you are interested in borrowing one :)


jskippy11 said...

I want cookies :) How about next year I meet you in St Louis ... ha ha.. oh wait..that would require me to have to make cookies.... guess I will pass... but I would like to see you again! your kids are getting so big!Have a Merry Christmas! And keep on posting Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart :)

laughlogic said...

WOW! I want one of those. My mom had an old twist one when I was little... but we never used it. After seeing this I feel I missed out on some fun and special memories. Where can I get one?

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Sounds like a fun day, I didn't get to make sugar cookies this year with so much going on here. But we did make a few other favorites. Hope you have a blessed New Year!