Monday, November 15, 2010

Acorn filled jars & phobias

Remember these jars?  These are the same little jars that I filled with candy corn last month.  Decided these needed filled with something fall-like.  So, the last time I was at my parents, who live in the woods, I crawled around on my hands and knees picking up acorns and walnuts to fill the jars.  At one point my sister came out the back door and yelled, "Hey Martha supper is ready!"  LOL!  As if Martha would pick up her OWN acorns!

I filled each of the jars with acorns and walnuts and then I used the Cricut Stretch your Imagination cartridge to cut out a turkey, squirrel and a fall tree.

I think they turned out really fun but the whole time I'm doing this I'm thinking of my friend Nikki and how she HATES turkey's and squirrels.  She would be totally freaked out by these cute little guys in her house.  

The only one she would like would be the fall tree.

Oh well...we've all got something we are freaked out by.  


Nikki said...

I would like the fall tree one...of course I could never make it...because you're out there crawling around on your knees getting acorns and I could NEVER do that...because there are bugs and spiders on the ground LOL

The good news is, apparently our dog hates squirrels as much as I do, so they seem to be staying away!!!! :)

Rachel said...

That's a great idea! Love it!

Mellodee said...

Love the cut-outs, especially the little leaves on the tree!